Reading the Thoughts of Others and Getting into Their Heads

1. Go into a trance

2. Invoke the element of ether/akasha

3. Concentrate on the *spirit* of the person you wish to read. Just tune in and the spirit should appear to you

I have found in this exercise, the spirit is the light body of the soul and in my own experience; it was just the shape of the individual, like the auric energy field filled with light. This is different from the astral body that mirrors the physical body, with the distinct head, eyes, features, and so forth. The spirit is only a body of light and in some individuals, it is darker. This has been my own personal experience with this technique and should only be used as a guide.

Consistent power meditation alone will sensitize you to where you can pick up on the thoughts and the emotions of others much easier. I have found those with strong minds [people born with a strong Scorpio emphasis, or those who meditate consistently and also those who practice martial arts and yoga], these people have stronger souls, and their thoughts and feelings are much more easily sensed and "read" by those of us who are more sensitized.

I will also tell you, learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Know for certain that if you meditate consistently, perform witchcraft and such, your thoughts are stronger, as are your emotions. Anyone who is a bit more sensitive will be able to pick up on them. To counter this, just clear your mind as with void meditation. This also does not just include people in your immediate environment, but even those at a distance, if you are thinking of them in any way or even anything that is related to them, like a situation, etc. Know this! Always learn to quiet your mind, and to control it. This also includes if you are in any situation where you do not wish to be noticed. Thoughts, especially with those who have stronger souls give off energy.



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