Opening and Meditating on Your Clairaudience Points

Meditating on your centers of clairaudience; also known as "psychic hearing" will empower your astral hearing. This is useful when communicating with Demons. Just relax and focus on each center, visualizing each one as a bright star. Spend a few minutes with each one.

To open each of these minor chakras, just focus on them and visualize them opening up like a star and getting brighter. This may have to be done for several meditation sessions before they are permanently opened. The points are the same for both sides of the head, though the illustration directly above shows only one side of the face. You will notice changes in your awareness and psychic abilies when doing this exercise for any length of time.

As you advance, you can do "chakra breathing" where you absorb energy with each inhale and slightly expand and brighten each chakra you are focusing on, upon the exhale.


*Artwork used for illustrations:
"The Land Baby" by Hon John Collier; 19th Century



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