Using Props in Magick

People have used props for thousands of years to assist in their focus during magickal workings. Poppits, herbs that burn and sting to induce pain and anger, stone circles, and anything else that would help to create the proper mood, help to stimulate and intensify the right emotions, and help to direct one’s energy and focus are known as "props".

One should be powerful enough to influence one’s environment using the power of one’s mind alone without having to rely upon props. Props definitely help in beginning magick as they provide a focus.

Advanced working with props is a different matter and requires infusing them with energy or binding thoughtforms or souls into them. Here is where props have real power and can become magickal assistants within themselves.

This is all individual. Some people enjoy ceremonial magick and do their best workings when using props. Others work best by just focusing their mind alone. The important thing is getting results. If something works for you, then use it. Remember, what may work best for one person may not for another. Go with what you are comfortable with and what produces the best results for you as an individual.



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