One does not need props or other ritual items to cast a so called "spell." The power meditations, done long enough are more than effective in one's ability to influence one's environment and others. When one's field is strong enough, it is easy to put thoughts, feelings and other projections into the minds of others. Some people are stronger than others and projecting can be met with some resistance, of course depending upon how strong YOU are. The stronger ones, though, have their defenses lowered considerable when asleep.

Weak people are easy to deal with anywhere and everywhere. Just go into a mild trance of focus and concentration and you will notice, if they are where you can observe these people, the obvious effects of your projections.

Always remember, it is very important to learn to control anger. When one reaches a certain level, offenders, whether they are outsiders or loved ones will meet with misfortune. This can be very upsetting when a loved one gets into an accident or comes down ill as a result of your anger. This comes with power and should be controlled. When one's energy field is powerful enough, it does not take much. We must always be sure we intend for offenders to get punished. After unintentional anger, if the offender apologizes and the hard feelings are gone and then the person meets with disaster, this can cause much regret.

I cannot overemphasise the power behind these meditations, when done long enough and with consistency- every day.

For certain specific things, like binding, props can be used as a point of focus. Most of the time, just dwelling on something with will, focus and desire will make it manifest, provided it is not worried about or dwelled on in a doubtful or desperate way.

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