Poem by Leroy Anderson

Here is a lil something I composed for Father. It isnt much, just my way of saying Thank you to Father. I first got the idea from my Demon who gave me the inspiration to do this & also put the words in my mind. Thank you. You're a true friend.

All alone on the hills of despair
pleading to him who doesn't care

demanded my faith & drove me insane
rewarded me with suffering & pain

My Lord My God take pity on me
I am your servant loyal to thee

Get away you lowly slave said he
I am jehovah your god almighty

Thou art not worth my attention
Thou cry & suffer by my intention

Thou shalt not question my will
Seeing thee suffer gives me thrill

I'm lost said I, my life is over
My joy is gone, my battle's over

STOP!! said a voice full of concern
Listen to me, Question & learn

For I am Lucifer bearber of light
I shall assist you in this fight.

No longer shall you suffer & mourn
My word is your sword reclaim your throne

For you are destined to be a God
Never surrender, pick up your sword

Smite your enemy make him yell
Drive him into the pits of hell

Satan is God,his empire survived
The tyrant is dead my spirit revived

Hail Lucifer!!

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