Pendulum Practice

Everything takes practice, patience, and above all persistence in the psychic realm. Most pendulum adepts have worked with their pendulums for years. When one is advanced, a pendulum can reveal practically anything.

For those of you who are serious about becoming proficient with a pendulum, I suggest you start out with asking the pendulum several unimportant questions at the beginning of your day, questions that pertain to events you know will occur during your day.
For example: Will it rain today? Will I receive money today? Will I get off from work early today? Ask easy questions that are not of any great importance, as emotions and desires very much affect the answers we receive and this is where inaccuracy can step in. Record the questions in your black book/book of shadows/journal. At the end of your day go through each question and write the answer and note whether the pendulum was accurate or not. You can also use your pendulum for finding lost or misplaced items. Always record the accuracy in your black book.

After several months, you should notice a lot of improvement in your accuracy. If you want to advance further, try asking the pendulum questions using a map.

When recording your work in your black book, it is often helpful to note the time of day, the Moon phase, the weather and other phenomena. For ladies, including your time in your menstrual cycle is also very important. I have found this affects us more than most are aware of as it has to do with the Moon. Remember, it is always important to be as relaxed as possible when working with a pendulum as to access the right/psychic side of your brain, which operates through the pendulum.

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