We Satanists are a small group as far as numbers go, but we are growing more and more every day. Unfortunately, there are people in our lives who are thoroughly indoctrinated with Christian and other enemy teachings. Holidays, family reunions and other get-togethers can be trying times for many of us.

Christians feel strong when they are not alone and are in a group with other Christians to back them up, but when they experience a confrontation alone, few are brave. That so-called 'faith' goes out the window. I have seen these people fold when they are on their own. They are so weak and dependent. More than one Christian has quit a job because of me. They create conflicts they can't handle. Most talk the talk and that's about it.

I was an atheist for over fifteen years. I hated Christianity and its teachings much more than the average atheist, though. My "blasphemies" would literally make people cringe. Several years ago when I worked third shift at a 24-hour restaurant, a wimp would come in and sit at the counter. One night this wimp butted in on a conversation between a LaVeyan Satanic teenager and myself that did not concern him. I gave him a piece of my mind and left, as my shift was over and then he shut up. As soon as I was out the door, [my son also worked there as a waiter] the Christian wimp approached him and started up about "God." My son shouted, "FUCK GOD!" The guy right away got scared, and very threatened.

Most Christians are weak, whether they are co-workers, family, or whatever. Rarely will you ever see one stand alone against several of us. Of course, when Christians are in a group against one person, many times the situation is different. I had three Christians threaten physical violence after they accosted me outside of a public library. I told them what I thought of their Nazarene. Of course, a heated verbal exchange ensued and all three kept parroting the same insane phrases repeatedly with no logical or rational argument. The only thing they had to offer was potential physical violence and nothing more. One of these clowns was a pastor. I found this out later when I recognized him on a TV commercial advertising his church. I refused to back down and when they saw the confrontation would lead to more, they left. I have argued with enough of them, leaving them with nothing to say every time. They start arguments they can't finish, as they have no answers.

Most of these Christians are going nowhere. Satan gives us strength they don't have. I look at them and see how weak most of them are, how they are needy and dependent on the approval of others. This sort of thing leads them to Christianity in the first place. Satan, by his nature walks alone. There is no petty ass-kissing or conforming to the "expectations" and standards of others. We are an elite group. We bow to no one. We have the power to tear them up and spit them out and they know it too.

Christians tell me they will pray for me, I tell them I will pray for them in return, and then they get worried. I've seen firsthand what has become of the fools who have been stupid enough to "pray" for me. Satan and the Demons punish those who harass us, not always right away, but just give it some time.

For those of whom we really care about and love, remembering them in our rituals can work wonders.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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