Neptune: Signs, Houses and Aspects


NEPTUNE IN THE SIGNS is generational, manifesting itself in world events, unless Neptune is the ruler or co-ruler of the chart, and/or prominently placed.

Neptune rules the underprivileged. When Neptune was in the sign of Aries, action was taken to help those who were less fortunate, and financially underprivileged. The Salvation Army was founded when Neptune was in Aries. Aries rules Mars, and Mars rules war. The Civil War occurred in the USA. Neptune rules chemistry, liquids, the seas, and the oceans. In 1866, the first underwater torpedo was invented.

Taurus rules the earth, Neptune weakens, undermines and dissolves. In the year of 1878, there was widespread crop failure and famine. 10,000,000+ people died from starvation in China. Taurus rules money, there was also an economic depression.

Neptune rules movies, acting, music, and the arts. Gemini rules communication. Movie projection machines were invented. The phonograph was also invented, and the people of this generation made many advances in communications technology.

Patriotism ran high with World War II. The family was idealized. During this time, huge ornate mansions were built. Many families of people born in this generation were broken up and destroyed by World War II.

Leo rules monarchy. The tsarist regime in Russia and the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Leo also rules pleasure. Neptune undermines. The prohibition was enforced.

Virgo rules the work force and welfare. The depression came and many people were unemployed. Famine swept the Ukraine under the direction of Stalin and millions starved to death. In 1932, 34 million Americans had no income at all. Virgo is an earth sign, Neptune rules water, and severe drought swept much of the USA.

Libra is the sign of peace; Neptune undermines. World War II, the invention of the atomic bomb, the cold war, the Korean war all occurred when Neptune was in Libra.

Neptune rules drugs, and the sign of Scorpio rules that which is hidden. Psychedelic drugs became a way of probing the subconscious. Spy and detective work were glamorized with James Bond movies. Neptune rules compassion, Scorpio ruled by Pluto rules death. During this period, hospices and special places for the terminally ill were established.

Neptune rules spirituality and the psyche. When Neptune was in Sagittarius, interest in eastern religions was increased. In addition, many religious cults thrived during this period. Neptune also rules deception.

Capricorn rules structure, Saturn ruled by Capricorn rules restriction. The Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin wall came down, and Germany was reunified. Europe was restructured. There was dissolution of totalitarianism.

Aquarius rules technology. Neptune undermines. Neptune in Aquarius can undermine freedom and individual liberties. Neptune was in Aquarius in 1348 when the Black Death wiped out 3/4 of all of Europe and destroyed many other parts of the world.

Neptune is at home in Pisces. Neptune was in Pisces in the last days of Rome. After Rome fell, the world entered the Dark Ages. That was in the age of Pisces. We are now going into Aquarius. Preceding every age, often there is often a great catastrophe and a loss of life.


1st house
Neptune's influence often makes one weak, unreliable, prone to drug/alcohol abuse, and extreme cases, there can be mental illness or other aberrations. This is amplified especially if Neptune is on a bad degree. Those with this placement are ultra sensitive, highly impressionable, and gullible, with a tendency to drift aimlessly through life.

2nd house
Those with this placement are often impractical concerning money. Money is often spent on music, theatre and/or the arts, and on spiritual pursuits. These people can be easily swindled. There can be evasiveness regarding finances. Sometimes they depend on others for financial support or vice versa. There is a strong potential for bankruptcy and/or the erosion of one's assets. In some cases, one with Neptune in the second house may consider money and finances to be unimportant as with those who take a vow of poverty in certain "religious" programs.

3rd house
There are often step-brothers and/or sisters. These people may have one or more different aliases or nicknames. This placement often gives weak mindedness, but also psychic ability, along with a vivid imagination and a gift for visualization. Like those with Uranus in this third house, people with Neptune here often write and/or communicate about astrology, and other spiritual disciplines. In some cases, there can be dyslexia, learning disabilities or even mental illness.

4th house
The mother is sometimes idealized. She can be a religious fanatic. There can be deprivation and/or abandonment in childhood, or the opposite can occur when the parent/s are over protective. There can be deception on the part of property owners and/or in regards to real estate and property. Often there is a desire to live near water or the ocean. This person may end their life in an institution. In some cases, the mother may be alcohol and/or drug addicted. She may be weak and in rare cases, mentally ill. Those with this placement may gradually drift from contact with their families, as they get older.

5th house
There are often secret circumstances in regards to children born of those who have this placement. There can be abortions, possible miscarriages and hidden circumstances regarding the child's other parent. People who have Neptune I the fifth house often have secret love affairs, and there can be more than one sexual partner at the same time. These people often idealize their children, but can unintentionally neglect them. The parent/child relationship can sometimes drift apart when the child reaches adulthood. There is much creativity, artistic, and acting ability with this placement. One's children are often psychically gifted, sensitive and intuitive.

6th house
There can be periods of unemployment. Sometimes those with this placement are unreliable concerning their work. Health problems are often evasive and difficult to diagnose, and there can be hypochondria, allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities. These people often look for the ideal job and as a result, they may remain unemployed. Those with this placement may have work involving chemistry, marine biology, social services, hospitals, institutions or in prisons.

7th house
The partner is often unreliable, evasive and may even be deceptive. He/she may abuse drugs and/or alcohol. There are cases where those with this placement can themselves bring out the worst in others. The partner may have a strongly placed Neptune and/or Pisces emphasis. Neptune in the seventh house often brings deception in relationships. There can be an idealistic attitude towards love and marriage. In very rare cases, there may be no physical sex in a marriage, as Neptune rules celibacy and platonic relationships. There may be telepathic communications with a partner and possibly a soul-to-soul union. The partner may be involved in acting, art, theatre, music, or dance.

8th house
Joint income with this placement can be unfortunate. These people can be deceived regarding their financial resources. They may be swindled and even be cheated out of an inheritance, or other money coming to them. There can be attempts at tax evasion, and pulling off insurance and other scams that involve money. This is a strong position for celibacy. Unusual circumstances often surround the death. When sublimated, there is a strong interest in the occult. Sexual intercourse can be ecstatic and even reach a spiritual level. A talent for witchcraft and advancing the soul is common with this placement, given the energies are properly directed. Those with this placement can be natural adepts at black magick.

9th house
There is often an interest in eastern religions. These people can be vulnerable regarding membership in cults like the Moonies, and in joining religious communes like the one in Guyana, where mass suicide took place. These people may believe they are chosen in some way or that they are a great spiritual leader. There can be deception and loss in foreign countries, and with long distance travel. Travel may occur for spiritual purposes where much is learned. When sublimated, Neptune in the ninth house can give spiritual abilities and an aptitude for meditation. There can be impracticality and even confusion regarding higher education. In some cases, there can be religious and spiritual confusion.

10th house
In some cases, there is apathy regarding the career. This placement is excellent for marine biologists and oceanographers [Jacques Cousteau has Neptune in his tenth house]. Many dancers, actors, entertainers, ballerinas, those who work in the theatre, the arts, musicians, astrologers, professional psychics, and mystics have Neptune in their tenth house. The father may be drug and/or alcohol addicted or weak in some way. He also may have a strong Neptune and/or Pisces emphasis in his chart. In rare cases, the father may be mentally ill.

11th house
People with this placement often have friends who abuse drugs and/or alcohol. The friends may be deceptive, unreliable or an overall bad influence. There may be membership in groups with spiritual and/or humanitarian objectives.

12th house
This placement gives clairvoyance, psychic ability, remarkable intuition, artistic, and poetic ability. There can also be isolation, paranoia, and neurosis. These people are often very sensitive and ugliness can have a very negative and lasting affect upon them. The nature is most often very compassionate and caring towards others. The sufferings of others affect them deeply. These people are natural empaths who can easily pick up on the thoughts of others and the general tone of their immediate environment, psychically. They should stay away from negative people and situations. They may work in institutions where they care for the underprivileged and/or those in need. There is usually a very strong interest in the mind, the psyche and in spirituality.


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