Séances: Summoning, Contacting
Communicating with Deceased Spirits

Many books on witchcraft, séances, channeling, and mediumship advocate an elaborate process in order to contact the deceased. In reality, it is not all that difficult to summon someone who is hanging around on the astral.

There are many who are "lost souls" and are trapped on the astral. In the case of those who have been reincarnated, if you are in tune enough, you will be able to perceive this and know it is of no use to try to contact them, as they have already entered into another life.

Deceased Humans are "spirits". These are of a lower order. They are not as powerful as Demons or angels, unless the person empowered his/her soul in the former lifetime.

I can enter a room where there is a spirit and make contact very easily without any props. The suggestions for using props are optional. Meditation will open your mind to where you will be able to sense and see spirits, and hear and communicate with them.

The astral is usually a lonely place for these souls and often, they wish to make contact with the living. Ghosts that are seen or sensed in old houses [often the person died there]. Ghosts who cannot part from living family members or loved ones usually attaches itself to something, either the house, the place of employment, the living family or a surrogate family.

There can be unfinished business where the deceased needs help from the living, as with a burial, solving a homicide, a missing person or some other problem that prevents the deceased soul from finding "rest". Most often, the deceased will make him/herself known. Objects can be misplaced, electrical appliances can be turned on or off, and in some cases, he/she can be felt even by untrained individuals.

How to Make Contact:
The deceased does not need to be hanging around to establish contact. If he/she is dead, he/she can be contacted, provided he/she has not reincarnated. A summoning can be done at any place where one can focus.

Tarot cards can be used to make contact. A Ouija Board or pendulum can be used to communicate. In cases where there is a group of people who wish to establish contact with one who is deceased, all participants should be focused and serious. One person will act as the medium.

1. The person closest or the nearest in contact with the deceased [in the case of a known spirit], shuffles the cards, concentrating on a reading to contact and give information about the one being summoned. The medium then begins to read the cards. Do the same, if you are substituting a Ouija Board. In using a Ouija board, the medium should sit opposite the person wishing to call on the deceased. Having a personal object of the deceased can be a help for those who are inexperienced or not as psychic, who are acting as the medium.

2. Usually the person closest to the deceased will feel him/her before anyone else. The person acting as the medium will invoke the soul and speak for him/her. When finished, direct the soul to depart. Do not bind in any way with the soul. Keep it as impersonal as possible.

A Pendulum can also be used. The medium should have some experience with a pendulum, should he/she decide to use this method. Begin by asking if there are any spirits in the room/house/building/area. If the pendulum answers "yes" then you can go on to ask more questions or use a Ouija Board to get a conversation going.

Human spirits are fairly easy to invoke. They do not in any way have the energy of a Demon, as I have invoked both. The energy from a human, usually, can only be felt when he/she enters your body.* A Demon on the other hand is electrifying and the residual energy can make your skin tingle for several days afterward.

*As of the year 2015, I have worked extensively with many deceased spirits under the direction of Satan. These humans in spirit form resided in a segregated area in “Hell”. One of whom I worked with for quite some time grabbed me and pulled me to him in a hug, and in doing so he nearly yanked me out of my body. I was working on empowering these elite souls, along with other Joy of Satan High Priests.

Never try to force the spirit into answering questions he/she do not wish to answer. Being rude will give your aura a bad vibe on the astral and future attempts at contact or invocation of other spirits may be thwarted.

Void meditation is essential here, as is a strong mind and spirit, with some control over your own thoughts and emotions. The ability to turn off and block out anything unwanted is helpful when invoking anything from the astral. Some spirits feed on fear, an untrained mind, or other emotions.

People who are fearful, overly impressionable or prone to excessive emotion/hysteria and unstable behavior, should not take part in any séances! One must be cool, calm and collected at all times during a séance. The medium should always remain in total control of the situation.

When souls of the departed are contacted, they are as they were when alive. Their personalities do not change. This is another reason we all should make the most of our life here, as we all need to work toward developing and empowering ourselves spiritually. Also, when one dies, one does not advance in power in any way. Death is stagnation.

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