Mars: Its Signs, Houses and Aspects



In Aries
Those with Mars in Aries are confident, highly competitive, aggressive, courageous, enthusiastic, bold, honest, and are never afraid to take a stand. Never one to back down, as a rule, they are hotheaded and often irate about something. Though the temper is hair trigger temper; their anger does not last long. Mars in Aries can offset low self-esteem aspects and shyness in a chart. This placement also gives health, much energy, and strong vitality, but is common with having headaches. If there are other Aries planets in the chart and/or an emphasis on fire signs, there can be much self-centeredness and a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. These people are fighters and enjoy combat and friction. They are born leaders. Mars in Aries is bossy and pushy, often with a big mouth, especially if prominently placed. An emphasis on water signs can offset these tendencies.

In Taurus
People with Mars in Taurus are sensuous with a strong sexuality. This placement gives determination and endurance. As with Mars in the second house [the second house is ruled naturally by Taurus], the energies are focused on acquiring material possessions and wealth. Mars in Taurus can give artistic talent along with fine tastes if there are other placements and aspects within the chart that support this. The nature is persistent and stubborn. Mars in Taurus gives a strong physical constitution and the ability to recuperate. These people are capable of performing difficult and demanding physical labor, unless other factors in the chart strongly contradict this. They are known for their thorough approach, operating at a slower pace, with attention to details. Mars in Taurus is jealous and possessive by nature in regards to love.

In Gemini
These people are talkers. They love to talk and to express themselves. They can be fidgety and become bored easily, being high-strung with an abundance of nervous energy. Women with this position are attracted to lovers who are highly intelligent and communicative. They can be inclined to cheat when in a love relationship, especially if they feel they are not being treated well, or if they grow bored, much like the men who have Venus in Gemini. The mind is active and there is a fondness for word puzzles and similar games that engage the mind. Mars in Gemini is good at argument. These people can be prone to indecision and often change their minds and stances on different topics, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart. The energies are focused into communications and intellectual activities. Mars in Gemini is not favorable for staying power and many who have this placement often begin projects of which they get bored with and are off to something new; finishing very little. This placement gives dexterity and physical coordination, especially if other placements in the chart support this.

In Cancer
These people are born Worriers, they often hold their anger inside and can have stomach trouble from this such as ulcers. When the anger is expressed, it is often in the home, among family members. Security is very important to them. The energies are directed into the home and family life. They often find it hard to assert themselves, and will beat around the bush so to speak and sulk when their needs are not met. They can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. Both sexes are inclined to hold grudges. In some cases, as with Mars in the fourth house, there can be domestic violence in the life.

In Leo
These people have an enormous amount of personal pride. They are born show offs, and know how to impress others. They are natural leaders, are creative, and have a strong will. There is a need for independence and self-sufficiency. They expect complete and total devotion in love. Anyone who is in love with a Mars in Leo person should give him/her as much attention as is possible, for the relationship to be happy. There is much energy, willpower, and creativity. Mars in Leo gives acting ability. As with other fire signs, there can be self-centeredness, with a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. This placement gives self-confidence, and can offset aspects that give low self-esteem. There can be exceptional talent in the arts and with music, especially if other factors in the chart support this.

In Virgo
The energies are focused on work. These people are competitive in their work, and make excellent workers. They have an eye for detail and are thorough. They are clean, neat, and organized by nature. Mars in Virgo can nag and criticize endlessly. They can point out and see faults in things and people that others often overlook and miss altogether. There is also a strong interest in hygiene and health. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be a tendency to hypochondria. Mars in Virgo is a perfectionist and can be very particular and fault finding. The digestive system is sensitive and there can be stomach upsets from worry. The temperament is often nervous and irritable. They find lazy people to be intolerable. They are responsible, reliable, and hard working.

In Libra
Energies are focused on relationships. These people are peace loving. Mars is in its detriment in Libra and the aggressive, quarrelsome nature is greatly offset. They have a very strong sense of justice and fairness. Because the assertive tendencies of Mars are neutralized, especially if there is a strong emphasis on earth and water signs in the chart, these people can have a difficult time with being direct. They may hint at what they want and act out in certain ways that need to be interpreted and read by those who know them. They can hold their anger inside rather than inviting an open confrontation. Like Mars in Gemini, they can be prone to indecision and can change their minds often, along with their points of view and stances on things. They are at their best when in a loving supporting relationship. These people value cooperation with others, and can be peacemakers.

In Scorpio
Mars in Scorpio gives a very strong will and personal intensity. These people can see through the weaknesses of others. They can make for deadly enemies and have a strong sense of justice. They are vindictive and if someone wrongs them or a loved one, they will exact their revenge, even if it takes years. They do not forget an injustice. They are not ones to openly express their anger, but rather they smolder. This position gives a talent for concentration, focus and for meditation. They are natural mages and many have a talent for black magick that is inborn, from previous lives. The sex drive is very strong and pronounced. Energies are focused on sex, spirituality, and occult subjects. When pushed, the anger can be like an overturned wasp's nest. They are possessive and jealous in their affections. They demand total devotion and loyalty in a love relationship. If this is betrayed, they can become deadly. Rarely neutral about anything, they are strongly opinionated and either love something or hate it. The emotions are very deep and intense.

In Sagittarius
Mars in Sagittarius gives an honest nature. These people are adventuresome; they love travel, the outdoors, and are restless and energetic. Like Mars in Gemini, they can be fidgety, easily bored and they can have trouble sitting still for too long. They often feel they are invincible and take high risks, as Sagittarius is the sign of gambling. Their optimism and confidence many times bails them out of even drastic situations. There can be problems with gambling and impracticality, in repeating the same mistakes and not learning from past experiences. When sublimated, energies are focused into higher education and learning. These people can be life-long students. Mars in Sagittarius gives natural athletic ability and a love of sports, especially of other factors in the chart support this. They are direct, blunt in their communications, opinionated and have strong beliefs.

In Capricorn
The energies are channeled into the career and professional ambitions. They can start out small but end up in very high positions. Mars in Capricorn gives a methodical nature, along with plenty of perseverance and endurance. This placement can offset the scattered energies and lack of follow through of planets in mutable signs. There can be workaholic tendencies, along with a talent for business. Much effort can be put into attaining a position of status. Like Mars in Taurus, these people are focused on material and financial gain. They are efficient, practical, responsible, self-disciplined, and reliable. Like Mars in Virgo, they have very little patience with those who are shiftless and lazy. They can be cold, calculating, usurious, and selfish if the energies of this placement are not sublimated, or of other factors in the chart encourage this. There can be problems with the bones, skin and teeth.

In Aquarius
Energies are focused on friends and group activities. These people prefer teamwork to working alone. They are very individualistic and enjoy the unique and eccentric. Justice and fairness are extremely important to them. They value their independence and freedom. If others attempt to control them, they will react and rebel. They are attracted to humanitarian concerns and often work to make positive reforms that are helpful to society. This placement often gives scientific ability, with a strong interest in the future, technology and the advancement of humanity. They have little patience with old outworn modes of doing things, structures, and like to replace these with new and better methods.

In Pisces
Those with Mars in Pisces are often shy, withdrawn, and even timid. Like those with Mars in Libra, they can have a difficult time expressing their anger. The aggressive and assertive tendencies of Mars are watered down in Pisces. There is often a lack of self-confidence and the ability to stand up for one's self. The vitality is often low. They can be reclusive and withdrawn, unless there are other planetary factors to offset this. In extreme cases, there can be celibacy and a denial of physical pleasure. The sensitivity is very pronounced. These people can be prone to being used and dominated by others. They are compassionate and empathetic towards the sufferings of others. Energies are often channeled into fantasy and daydreaming. This placement can give artistic talent, a strong sense of idealism, and refined tastes in music and the arts. Mars in Pisces weakens the nature, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart.


1st House
These people often have abundant energy. The vitality is strong and there is much physical activity. Mars in the first house can offset other planetary aspects that undermine one's physical health and strength. Mars in Aries gives good physical health, stamina, and strong recuperative powers. Mars is strong in its natural house, the first house. These people are very competitive and often have a natural talent for sports. They are bold, courageous, pioneering and have little patience. The complexion can be ruddy and facial scars are not uncommon. The nature corresponds to Mars in Aries in many ways. This placement can offset low self-esteem and shyness, as Mars in the first house is outgoing and confident by nature. There is military talent and ability and a fondness for combat and martial pursuits

2nd House
These people prefer to run their own businesses, rather than work for someone else. Money is often spent quickly, as these people are prone to buying things on impulse. They are very possessive and controlling of what they own in a material sense. They are not ones to lend their belongings to others and should someone else damage or ruin anything they own, they can become violent. There can be fighting, stealing, and dishonesty to acquire material means. Money is often spent on sports, martial pursuits, and athletics. Boxing tournaments, wrestling and other competitive sports attract these people. Energies are channeled into finances and materialism. They can be very impatient regarding what they want materially. When they see something they want, they want it now.

3rd House
These people excel in argument. They have active minds and are outspoken. There is a talent for communications in all forms. The sense of humor is often sarcastic and there is a bluntness of speech, which can be offensive to others. They often enjoy argument for the sake of argument. Fighting and friction with siblings is very common with this placement, especially in the early years. There is a lot of mental activity and energy. In some cases, one may live in a dangerous area throughout the life, a place of violence and crime, as the third house also rules the immediate environment and neighborhood. There can be friction and other problems with one's neighbors. The energies are focused on plenty of activity in the immediate environment, in communications, and day-to-day short distance travel and activity, as in running errands. There can be a sibling with a strong Aries or Mars emphasis in his/her chart.

4th House
If other factors support this, the domestic/home life and environment can be violent and abusive, especially in the early years. This can be carried over into the adult life where one is angry, even violent, and aggressive in the home and towards the family. One or both parents may have been abusive. Anger is often repressed and erupts later in the life in spurts, unexpectedly. As the fourth house is also the house of old age and the end of life, Mars in this house gives plenty of vitality and energy that lasts through the end.

5th House
These people have a strong need for self-expression, recreation and fun. People with this placement are natural athletes, and enjoy sports. One can have a child with strong Aries/Mars in his/her chart, along with a very independent character. These people make good little league coaches and have a talent for working in athletics and with children. The energies often are directed into sports, athletics, and activity involving children. There is a strong competitive spirit. This placement gives creativity and a sense of drama. They often make the first move when they find a potential love interest. They can be domineering and doctorial towards children in their care.

6th House
Energies are channeled into work. There is a tendency to having migraine headaches, fevers, and inflammatory disorders. Work can involve tools, cutting instruments, machinery, and/or weapons. Surgeons often have this placement. These people have little patience with those who are lazy. There can be workaholic tendencies along with possible accidents at work. This placement can bring competition, conflict, arguments, and clashes with co-workers. There is talent and aptitude for a military career, or any work involving martial occupations.

7th House
The marriage partner may be violent and even abusive. This placement does not make for harmony or happiness in marriage. The marriage partner may have a strong Aries/Mars, and/or an aggressive, violent nature. Mars in the seventh is often seen in charts where there is physical abuse. Being in its house of detriment, the one whose chart this is in often has a difficult time standing up for him/herself.

8th House
There is a possibility of a violent and sudden death. The sex drive is well developed and strong, needing an outlet. People who have this placement often dwell on sex. Sex is extremely important to them and they have an above average occupation with it. Desires are very intense. There is a natural talent for sex magick, along with a strong interest in the occult, the afterlife, and the spiritual. There can be disagreements and even fighting over joint finances/property, inheritances, taxes, and debts.

9th House
These people often push their beliefs upon others. This placement often occurs in the charts of religious fanatics and other zealots. When sublimated, the energies are channeled into higher education, publishing, authoring, and learning. Mars in the ninth gives a strong interest in travel and a fascination with other cultures and lands. In some cases, there can be violence coming from those of a different culture or racial background. Accidents, danger, and violence can occur during long distance travel. Relationships with in-laws can be full of conflict, animosity and stressful. These people can be very biased, narrow-minded, and one sided in their views, believing that they are the only ones who know or who are correct in their opinions.

10th House
There is often an intense ambition and a need to be noticed. One's father can have a strong Aries/Mars emphasis in his chart, and/or in some cases, may be of a violent nature. As with Mars in the sixth house, there can be disagreements and conflicts on the job and with the career. These people are at their best when they are self-employed, as they do not get along well with those who are in positions of authority. This placement favors military careers, politics, and corporate management, and gives a talent for leadership, especially in the work environment. In some cases, there may be an obsession with power. Mars in the tenth works better alone, preferring to work for him/herself, rather than for others. Work can become an obsession while they may neglect their families and partners.

11th House
These people make for leaders in regards to groups and teams. Friends can be self-centered, bossy, and domineering and/or have a strong Aries/Mars emphasis in their chart. Energies are focused on friends and group activities. There can be memberships in groups with a focus on sports, athletics, and/or martial interests. There can be fighting and friction in one's friendships.

12th House
In some cases, this placement may bring an attack of violence when one is a child. Being physically beaten often leaves a lasting scar on the psyche. Most often, these people were not allowed to express their anger when they were children and as adults, they have a difficult time appropriately directing their anger as adults; they tend to hold their anger inside, repressing rage. There can be a talent for meditation and the spiritual. These people often operate better in working behind the scenes. They are not very competitive and dislike any confrontations. This placement can undermine one's self-confidence, and self-esteem.


Jupiter amplifies the Martian tendencies towards risk taking, aggression, assertiveness, and impatience, especially with the hard aspects. Mars/Jupiter can offset other aspects that tend towards low self-esteem, shyness and a lack of confidence. This aspect gives athletic ability, and can give energy, vitality, and good health. There is a tendency towards impulsiveness and taking action before thinking things through or giving any consideration. Mars/Jupiter, especially the hard aspects also give military talent and aptitude.

When this aspect, especially the hard aspects is in the charts of men, there can be hang-ups about their masculinity in that they never feel manly enough. In extreme cases, there can be sexual impotence. Mars/Saturn hard aspects are often seen in the charts of those with military careers and high rank, as it gives a strong talent in this area. These people can be mean, strict, and hard. The trine/sextile aspects give patience and a good sense of timing. The square/opposition/inconjunct aspects can give a tendency to having accidents. There is a talent for anything martial, such as working with weapons, explosives, a talent in the martial arts and in sports. There can be disagreements and even violence with the father, and other authority figures. All Mars/Saturn aspects give a sense of strong self-discipline.

Freedom is very important to those who have this aspect. They can be high strung, rebellious and very revolutionary. There is a talent for working with electricity and mechanics. This aspect also gives much charisma, and personal magnetism. There can be a tendency towards having accidents. These people often have a strong need for excitement, as they are easily bored. In many cases, those with this aspect are impulsive and do not consider the possible consequences of their actions. They jump into situations without thinking or planning ahead. This aspect can place a strain on the nervous system, where one's nerves can get overworked if one is pushed too hard for too long.

Mars Neptune aspects tend to a lack of energy and vitality. There can be allergies, poor health, and a lack of energy. These people are often impractical, and have unrealistic goals. They are impressionable, and open to deception. This aspect often gives a talent for the spiritual. The psychic nature may be well developed and there is much sensitivity. Quite often, these people are pessimists and are too quick to admit defeat. They get frequently discouraged and are escapists, and quitters. Mars/Neptune weakens the will and character.

There is an incredibly strong aspect to the personality; a do or die will. These people believe in death before dishonor. They are fearless, intense, will use excessive force. With the conjunction, tremendous energy will be directed towards the affairs of the house in which it is placed. People with this placement make extremely dangerous enemies. They will wait years to exact their revenge. Anger will explode in violence, and this can even be physical. The willpower is very intense and developed. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be problems with men. This aspect gives a very strong, stubborn will and much self-discipline.


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