Most people, especially here in the USA, live life in the fast lane; fast food, high-speed cable, quick service, 'I want it five minutes ago' and so forth.

The spirit world does not work like this. I have to keep re-emphasizing: PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, and DEDICATION.

I didn't see Demons or communicate with them until several months following my dedication ritual. I remember seeing Furackus and Elyth on my altar. This was some six months or more after my dedication. I didn't meet Azazel until nearly three months following seeing these two Demons. Azazel is my Chief Guardian Demon and I am very close to him. I never knew Lucifius Focalor was one of my Guardians either. He has a unique voice and slight accent. I remember he spoke to me when I was new, but I had no idea of who he was other than he was a Demon.

Satan is strong on patience. He and his Demons have waited thousands of years for humanity. One does not just perform a ritual and here comes the Demon at the snap of ones fingers. Relationships are built up slowly, with patience, perseverance, and dedication.
-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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