Jupiter: Its Signs, Houses and Aspects



These people can be extremely self-centered. Those with Jupiter in Aries, especially when prominently placed are loud, extravagant, bombastic, and impatient. They love to brag, take risks, and they often make more enemies than they do friends. They disregard tradition and hate to play by the rules. They often have a huge ego and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. This placement can help to offset low self-esteem, shyness and a lack of confidence in a chart. If there is a predominance of fire signs, or other planets in Aries, the negative traits of this placement are amplified to where the individual can be very unaware of and downright inconsiderate of the needs of others, putting themselves first and foremost.

Money cheers them up. They love gift giving and receiving. Luxuries are essential even when these people are in poverty. They find it necessary to make others comfortable and do well caring for those who are sick. This placement gives health and in some cases, exceptional physical gifts. They are sensuous, and can be hedonistic. Money is often spent on travel and/or education, either formal learning or through self-study.

Here are the brains of the zodiac, the intellectuals. Many with this placement have extensive education and excel in communications. They are very talkative and have writing and teaching ability. These people are changeable and get bored easily. Because of the dualistic nature of Gemini, they can change their minds frequently and suffer from indecision. If you want to impress these people, show them that you have some smarts. Many of these people are gifted with their hands. They are life long students who have active minds and who enjoy learning.

Jupiter in Cancer is very home loving. Family is very important, and they make indulgent, protective, and caring parents. These people are often patriotic and have traditional values, with an interest and fascination with certain eras or times in history. As a rule, they love and get on well with children. Holidays and celebrations are important times to be spent with the family. Home cooked meals appeal to them and food is often equated with love. They have a strong need for security and are very sensitive and protective by nature. They are usually good cooks and homemakers and have a nurturing aspect to their personalities.

This placement gives a strong sense of personal pride. Being able to freely express themselves is very important. These people have creative talent. Jupiter in Leo gives leadership ability, especially of there are other factors in the chart supporting this. Unless other placements contradict this, those with Jupiter in Leo enjoy being center sate and love the lime light. They are romantic and often have a sense of drama in their personalities. They are fun loving and enjoy recreation.

These people are hard working, critical, analytical, and organized. They can often get lost in the details and miss the entire overall message. Cleanliness, good hygiene, and attention to one's diet and health are important to them. They can be workaholics if there are other factors in the chart supporting this. Their work is important to them and they derive personal satisfaction from a job well done. They are excellent in any career that is of bringing service to others. They make excellent nurses, doctors, and workers in the medical profession. They are perfectionists and worriers.

Relationships and love are of extreme importance to these people who do not like to be alone. They can be indiscriminate in choice of partners, seeing the best in everyone. Jupiter in Libra loves peace and harmony and can make friends out of enemies; they are excellent mediators. These people often neglect their own needs, putting others first. They have a very strong sense of justice and fairness and cannot tolerate seeing others being treated unfairly. This placement gives artistic talent and an eye for beauty.

There is a strong interest in the occult and the spiritual. Jupiter in Scorpio gives a powerful sex drive, along with a preoccupation with sex. They can be suspicious by nature, especially if there are hard Saturn/Pluto aspects in the chart. Issues of power and control are dominating often factors in the lives of these people. Jupiter in Scorpio gives intensity to the emotions. These people can be very jealous and possessive in the love relationships. They are rarely neutral about anything and either love something or hate it, unless there is an emphasis on air signs in the chart.

These people are life long students. Many have direct involvement and/or careers at universities, especially if Jupiter in Sagittarius is prominently placed. They are fond of travel and often have an interest in foreign peoples and cultures. Like Jupiter in Gemini, they get bored very easily and prefer to be active with new experiences. Jupiter in Sagittarius makes for extreme honesty in the way of finding hypocrisy intolerable and in searching for the truth. Once Jupiter in Sagittarius has found what they believe to be the truth, they often try to convert others to their beliefs. Lying to these people is unforgivable. They can be very frank and outspoken in their communications. In some cases, there can be over-optimism and a refusal to learn from past mistakes. Personal freedom is of extreme importance. Many people with this placement enjoy the outdoors and participation in sports and athletics. There is a tendency towards excess, exaggeration, and indulgence.

These make good managers and are naturals at being in positions of authority. Status is important to them and they have a strong need for the respect and recognition of their peers. They love power and don't mind making the necessary sacrifices in obtaining it. Extremely ambitious, they can be cold and calculating in regards to others. They are traditional and prefer to stick with the tried and true. Practical, security oriented and adept at handling money, they can be workaholics. This placement is known for those who work very hard. Jupiter in Capricorn detests weakness. Any weaknesses they are aware of within themselves, they work diligently at overcoming. They are both hard on themselves and hard on others. This placement gives a serious nature to the personality.

These people are happiest when they are part of a group and/or are with their friends. Most treat their friends equally and dislike playing favorites. They are strongly interested in social reforms and improving the lot of humanity. They enjoy being different, and are attracted by the eccentric and the unusual. Strongly opinionated, they can be tactless in expressing themselves. Injustice bothers them terribly. They are progressive and have a strong interest in the future. Technology fascinates them and they look to make improvements in the existing ways of doing things. They are rebels by nature and enjoy breaking rules and challenging taboos. Strongly individualistic, personal liberty and freedom is of exceptional importance to these people. They cannot tolerate being stifled or having to answer to those who are possessive in their relationships.

Compassionate to a fault, theses people can often be taken advantage of. Jupiter in Pisces can feel the pains and sufferings of others. They can be lazy, indecisive, and lack focus. Dreamers and idealists, they have a tendency to let their imaginations run wild, sometimes resulting in paranoia and having a hard time separating fact from fantasy. These people have a sensitivity to the spirit world and their spiritual beliefs are often important to them. Some may even devote their lives to spiritual pursuits. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be psychic ability.


1st House
Jupiter in the first house often gives a large body in same way, such as large bones, height, and often a tendency to put on weight easily. People with this placement will often travel far and wide. Optimistic, sociable, and cheerful, they can become authorities in philosophy, education, spirituality, and law. Jupiter in the first gives self-confidence, leadership ability, an outgoing nature, and a tendency to self-indulgence. There is often a sense of protection and good fortune, coming from a past life that helps these people. They can tend to exaggeration and taking certain things to extremes.

2nd House
Money often disappears as fast as it comes in. These people can take too much for granted in regards to their finances and may over spend. If Jupiter is well aspected and on a favorable degree, there can be money luck. These people spend money on travel and/or higher education. Quite often, their finances are connected with their personal beliefs in some way, and they may use money to promote these. In some cases, Jupiter in the second makes huge purchases requiring extremely large amounts of money without considering the future consequences.

3rd House
Thee people are often very intellectual. There is a strong talent for speaking, writing, and all of the communications in general. They love to talk. There is a love of books and reading, word puzzles and games that engage the mind. Like Jupiter in Gemini and in Sagittarius, these people are life long students who enjoy learning. In some cases, there can be a large number of siblings and/or a sibling with a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius emphasis in his/her chart. Jupiter in the third house gives an optimistic outlook, and generally good relations with siblings, relatives, and neighbors. In some cases, there can be a sibling or relative who is into religion or work at a university, or other direct involvement with education. There is often much activity in the immediate environment with plenty of short distance travel, as in their own areas where they live.

4th House
The mother may have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius emphasis in her chart, and/or be directly involved in education or religion in some way. There is often good fortune in the second half of life. This placement can give a happy childhood, and the family may be secure financially. Ones family may strongly influence his/her religious/moral beliefs. In some cases, one or both parents may be very influential, having strong beliefs and views that they impress upon those with this placement, especially when growing up; this can also include a strong influence regarding education. Jupiter in the fourth house can give a large family.

5th House
Jupiter in the fifth house can be a strong influence in gambling, and is sometimes seen in the charts of addicted gamblers. There can be financial losses, as these people can be too optimistic and over extend themselves. They may have a child with a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius emphasis in his/her chart. Jupiter in the fifth house is fun loving, warm and caring towards children. People with this placement may strongly impress the need for education and/or religion upon their children. There is often much creative talent with a strong need for freedom in self-expression. These people are often very fond of sports and can have natural athletic ability. Recreation, hobbies, and fun are very important.

6th House
Work is very important to these people and they derive personal satisfaction from it. Jupiter in the sixth house gives an interest in healing the both the body and mind. There can be a tendency towards health problems relating to the blood sugar. They are naturals for working in the medical or healing fields. Jobs can involve long distance travel, interaction with foreign cultures, and peoples; working at universities or other places of higher education, or with religion. Relations with co-workers are often friendly. Those with this placement may work in another country, far from their place of birth.

7th House
The marriage partner may have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius emphasis in his/her chart. There is a need for freedom and independence in relationships, but at the same time, these people desire a sense of security. Marriage may be to someone of wealth and/or high social standing in some cases. The marriage partner may be directly involved in education or religion. Much help and good will can come from others, including the partner. These people value justice and fairness.

8th House
The marriage partner is likely to have money. There can be benefits through inheritances and other money coming from others. There is often a strong interest in life after death, and when death comes, it is often late in life, peaceful, and due to natural causes. These people often have remarkable recuperative powers and an ability to regenerate themselves in many areas of their lives. The sex drive is often very strong and there is an above average interest in sex. This placement can give a strong interest in the spiritual and the occult, along with psychic ability.

9th House
There is a great respect for knowledge, and these people often work to obtain as much education as possible, either through schooling or through informal studies on their own. Jupiter is strong in its own natural house here, and the traits of Jupiter are pronounced in the life. This placement most often brings travel and an interest in foreign peoples and cultures. Benefits can come through universities or through spiritual pursuits. There is a strong sense of honesty and a hatred of hypocrisy. In many cases, people with this position develop their own unique beliefs and philosophies and can be a law unto themselves. There is a talent for teaching, writing and for influencing the beliefs of others. If Jupiter is conjunct the midheaven, there may be fame and coming before the public.

10th House
There is often professional success and major accomplishment in the later part of life. These people generally have good reputations and are highly respected by others. The career can focus on education, religion, travel, foreign peoples and cultures, politics, and/or employment at a university; working directly in education. The father may have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius emphasis in his chart, and/or may be directly involved in education and/or religion. Quite often, people with this placement come to the attention of those in positions of power and authority and through these contacts, they may rise to prominence.

11th House
Much happiness comes from friends, groups, and associations. Often, there are a large number of friends. Goals can be achieved through working with others, and this placement is excellent for teamwork. Groups interests can directly involve education in some way such as fraternities, and study groups, and/or can have a spiritual or religious focus. In some cases, group interests may involve working for humanitarian ideals. These people sometimes take their friends for granted. There can be much idealism, along with a lack of realism in regards to setting goals. Friends can have a strong Jupiter and/or Sagittarius emphasis in their charts. In some cases, there can be friendships with foreigners or people from different cultures.

12th House
These people can have problems in keeping secrets, especially if Mercury is aspected by Neptune. Expansive Jupiter in the twelfth house of secrets makes for the gossip. This is an excellent placing for meditation, psychic and metaphysical studies and their applications. In many cases, there is natural psychic ability. There can be work or involvement with hospitals, institutions, and prisons. In some cases, one's personal and religious beliefs may be kept hidden from others. The imagination is often well developed and the can be a tendency to fantasize. There can be a need for periods of solitude. There is often an interest in psychology and the workings of the mind. This placement is sometimes found in the charts of counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.


There is often a serious outlook on life. There can be heavy responsibilities, and plenty of hard work, but with patience, these people can build things of lasting value. As with Jupiter in the first house, this aspect often gives protection in dire circumstances. There can be a lack of self-esteem, especially when those with this placement compare themselves to others. There is much potential for great success, but only with discipline and hard work. The affairs ruled by the house with Capricorn on the cusp will benefit from this aspect. Conversely, the affairs of the house with Sagittarius on the cusp can be subject to problems and/or delay. These people can be workaholics with a tendency to overdo things.

Personal freedom is of exceptional importance to these people; they are natural rebels and cannot tolerate being controlled by others. Often eccentric and high-strung, they are prone to emotional outbursts that can occur all of a sudden and with out any warning. These people look to new and unusual solutions in solving problems. Aspects between Jupiter and Uranus make for impracticality, an impulsive nature and in some case, a disruptive personality. There can be aptitude for technology, the sciences and with mathematics. These people do not like to conform and are often very strong willed. Affairs ruled by the house with Aquarius on the cusp often benefit from this contact.

Jupiter in aspect to Neptune gives a powerful and well-developed imagination. Time can be wasted in daydreaming and fantasy. Jupiter/Neptune gives much artistic talent and creativity, with refined tastes and an appreciation for beauty. There is much compassion for others with this aspect, along with psychic ability and the ability to feel the emotions and even the sufferings of others. There is a tendency towards being impressionable and even gullible. Jupiter/Neptune gives great sensitivity. Affairs ruled by the house with Pisces on the cusp often benefit from this contact.

This aspect bestows a strong will, and an intense nature. These people are often highly opinionated and identify strongly with their beliefs to the point of fanaticism. Rarely neutral about anything, either they love something or they hate it. There can be drastic transformations and turning points occurring in the life in regards to religion and spiritual beliefs. Affairs ruled by the house with Scorpio on the cusp often benefit from this contact.


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