Islam is an offshoot of Christianity. This religion has brought untold suffering, wars, and misery upon the human race. Upon close examination, we find the same nefarious alien characters. The Christian angel "Gabriel," appeared to Mohammed and heaped on more of these anti-life teachings in the form of "Islam," designed to further enslave humanity and to create more conflicts and wars.

In contrast, Satan's angels, the Demons, teach and help humanity [if they are treated respectfully]. "You will know them by their works." In other words, don't believe what you are told to believe, see what they DO, NOT what they SAY.

Women are treated lower than animals in Islamic countries. I recall seeing a most horrendous photo of a small woman in Yemen with a tow truck chain pounded through her arm. Her "crime" was that she ran away from her abusive Islamic husband and was caught.

Afghani women have to wear heavy garb covering their entire bodies. They look out of a little net. If they accidentally expose any skin, they are beaten with clubs by Islamic men.

Islamic women must walk three feet behind their husbands on the streets. Only in times of war are they forced to walk three feet in front as there are land mines.

Islamic women eat the leavings from the dinner plates of their husbands and any men guests their husbands have in their homes. They are treated lower than dogs.

It is no wonder these people are so eager to kill themselves through suicide bombings. What kind of life is this? To treat significant others so heinously under the direction of a blood thirsty monster they call "Allah." They get to where they have to blow themselves up- where it this "Allah"?

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