People who have dominant water are too in touch with feelings and emotions. They are psychic, and notice things others don’t see, such as subtle nuances. Too much water creates irrational fears, compulsive desires, oversensitivity, feelings of being threatened. These people are very easily hurt and offended, they are impressionable and their emotions can dominate them. Water is intuitive, over-reactive, fearful, timid, gives feelings of inner emptiness. and incites extremes of behavior. Water is compassionate, loyal, devoted, and sympathetic. Water is the emotional principle.

NOTE: People who lack an element usually express the element in a different way from those who have the element. Those who lack water can actually be quite emotional. Adolf Hitler lacked water, but was very emotional. This could be seen in his speeches. Those of us who have met him on the astral know he is caring and responsible to the extreme. In spite of the endless lies told about him, he was one of the finest humanitarians who ever lived and he also loved animals and put laws for animal rights into effect in Nazi Germany.


To invoke water, go into a light to medium trance and imagine that you are completely under water in a large pool or lake. The water should be still. Just relax. Breath in the water from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of your feet. Imagine yourself getting ice cold. Do this for seven breaths AND ONLY SEVEN BREATHS! DO NOT DO ANY MORE! YOU CAN EVEN DO AS LITTLE AS 2-3 BREATHS, BUT NO MORE THAN SEVEN!

You have two options for this exercise:

1. You can breathe the water back out into the ether after each inhalation and even breath it out some more when you are finished with the seven breaths (This is the safest way) OR

2. You can retain the water. With retention of the elements, you will progress faster, understand how each element feels and affects you and increase your ability to handle each element, but remember- this is not for everyone. It is better to take things slower and use caution. Remember to always use common sense.

After some 12-24 hours, sit quietly and meditate a few minutes on how you feel after invoking water.


The more advanced you become, the more you will feel the coldness of the water element. You should feel like a block of ice. Adepts are able to keep the body cold as ice even in the hottest of summer weather. The water element can incite depression, so it is important to go slowly. Water is used in rituals involving attraction.


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