Important Information Concerning Meditation

As you all know, I am against denial of any knowledge. The meditations I have posted are EXTREMELY powerful, especially when done consistently and combining them.

You must have all of your chakras open as these meditations can stimulate the kundalini at the base of the spine and cause it to rise.

Signs that can alert you that your kundalini is about to come up are:

1. A warm feeling in the base of your tailbone.

2. A spinning, pulling sensation in this area, like a pulling up.

3. A strong feeling of energy that draws your attention to this area

4. Feeling like you want to rock back and forth or more so, doing this involuntarily

You must be prepared for this both physically and mentally. If you are experiencing any of the above and feel you may not be ready, take this seriously. All You have to do is stop meditating for a few days or better yet, concentrate on making sure each and every one of your chakras is wide open.

You must be strong both physically and mentally. If your kundalini begins to ascend, it can literally be as hot as molten lead up the spine. You must not lose your concentration at this time, but concentrate intensely on directing the energy out your crown chakra that will act as a vent.

When it hits the 3rd eye, it can flash like lightening and roar. A strong mind that is in control is everything here.

Warning signs of chakra blockage:
1. Extreme heat during meditation in any area of the chakras. This indicates blockage.

2. Pain in the above.

The meditations, especially the Egyptian meditation, when combined with a couple others is very powerful for prematurely raising the kundalini.

This will raise your life force 100% or more and a strong physical body is needed to handle it. People who have a background in strength training or athletics are better able to handle this energy.

Above all, should this happen, regardless of your present physical condition, your body will adapt, but it can be most unpleasant and take up to a year. Mastery of all emotions is essential. Fear is OUT. Whenever doing ANY spiritual work, one must NEVER let in any fear. FEAR = FAILURE. For those who are new and/or inexperienced, if you cannot control fear, replace it with laughter.

Above all, if you get overcharged, call upon Satan and offer your energies to the Powers of Hell, as they are needed.

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