Sermon on Satanic Healing and Holes in the Aura

An author wrote about his interactions with angels. He asked them for help in healing himself. The angels gave him no knowledge or information other than telling him his problem was "emotional."

The truth is most physical ailments are not emotional, but nutritional. Satan himself told me what to take for a couple of problems I was having. The problems are now totally under control. Satan and his Demons are very open and helpful when it comes to giving us information and knowledge. I do have another problem he wants me to heal on my own; he told me how and my Demon gave me some good advice.

Most people who go to angels come out with nothing but self-deprecation and blame. The angel usually tells the sorry individual they are in some way responsible for their situation and they need to be more "loving" or that they "shouldn't have any hatred or anger." Denial of one's feelings is definitely not good for emotional, physical, or mental health. By repressing our so-called baser emotions, we actually set ourselves up illnesses. Another token of angels is the refusal to share any worthwhile information.

Thanks to Father Satan, two major problems I had are now gone. What he told me, I could have never known myself. HAIL SATAN!!

I also want to add here how we hear of accounts of extraterrestrial beings in documentaries, films and in books citing warnings in regards to what humanity has done to the earth and how rotten everyone is. Again, these beings are of the enemy. This earth was attacked more than likely by the very same beings, who have worked through their own chosen ones to destroy civilization and humanity along with it. Humanity is in this horrible situation because of the influences of Christianity, Islam, and their root of Judaism. All these programs have done is to create havoc within the mass mind which has bled over to extreme destruction. These programs focus intensely upon death and live for their death. The enemy creates the problem and then blames those who had nothing to do with this. Then, the enemy pushes their solution. Note that all these nefarious beings ever do is severely criticize and blame. They NEVER give any reasonable knowledge or offer any solutions.



By practicing power meditation every day, you will strengthen your aura and this in turn will give you the needed power to manifest your directed thoughts and desires into reality. A powerful aura will also result in strong immunity and the healing of various physical problems.

True Satanism is about becoming, growing and evolving. In the beginning, Satan and his Demons give us help when we need it. The goal of Satanism is for us to empower ourselves. This is analogous to a child growing up and becoming independent of his/her parents and having the strength, knowledge and confidence to act on his/her own as a healthy and well balanced adult. Ideally, one should become strong, confident, independent, and take control of his/her own life, fate, and life goals.

The enemy wants to keep us ignorant and bound. A good example is an author exalted and praised the work of angels who would come into him and help to heal his clients who were suffering from illnesses and injuries. He bragged how both he and the client would feel the hands of the angel and "their wonderful healing ability" going to work on problem areas.

First of all, what is this *really* doing? It is making a dependent cripple of BOTH the client and the practitioner. No knowledge is given. No higher level of personal power is reached to do this alone, by one's self. It is in reality, damning them both the practitioner and the patient to an existence of dependence on external entities; being at the mercy and whims of something outside of the both of them that is calling all of the shots and taking their energies in the form of praises for something each one could do alone given the knowledge and application thereof.

Many problems are due to holes and leaks in the energy field of the aura. These can be brought upon by childhood trauma either physical or emotional, where one was victimized in some way, or even as an adult; from surgery or accidents. Holes in the aura can open the door to unwanted entities, illnesses, and health problems.
The hieroglyphics and carvings in many of the Egyptian temples and pyramids are there to tell us something. The classic pose with the arms crossed over the chest is for a reason- to protect the heart chakra. This warns of being sympathetic to the wrong things, or helping those who are undeserving of any help. Having sympathy for an enemy or enemies and their programs in the case of spiritual warfare will only result in one's downfall and this has extended to entire peoples and nations over the millennia.
Human beings thrive on love and acceptance. An infant deprived of love, often will not thrive and if they do, most will be impaired for life, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Love is an essential part of our makeup. Entities who wish to destroy us, know this. The deluded New Age movement's focus on "unconditional love" [there is no such thing in reality, regardless of how they rationalize and lie to themselves], is VERY dangerous and opens those who take this advice, making them ready victims for all kinds of entities. This is the scheme of the Nazarene parasite that is nearly always depicted with open arms, exposing the heart chakra, encouraging victimization.

Psychic vampirism in most cases feeds off emotions. Sometimes there are certain family members who are abusive and others who we know are bad for us, yet we allow them to abuse us or manipulate us because of an uncontrollable emotional vulnerability we have towards them.

One is open and vulnerable and allows them in. They attach, connect, and control. We have opened our emotions to them in some way. The Nazarene and other unwanted entities gain entry the same way. A small child taken to church and Sunday school is continually coerced into "Loving Jesus." We are told, "God is Love." The same lies apply to the Nazarene. This opens up one of the most vulnerable areas of a human being so that he/she can be controlled by these unwanted and harmful entities. The love energy is exploited and used by these entities as a parasite uses its host to its demise and sucks it dry. As you all can see, these entities gain control of and work through many of the new age people.

In addition, love can play upon one's judgment and reasoning. Enemy aliens and their chosen humans know this and exploit it.

A weak aura with holes leaves one vulnerable to all kinds of things. Remember, negative entities feed on FEAR and other human emotions. This is another reason for the Christian doctrines maximize the emotion of fear by indoctrinating their followers with threats of eternal "hellfire" and 'damnation.' This makes it much easier for these parasites to attach unknowingly to these people's auras and use their energy. All of this becomes a vicious cycle. To seal holes in the aura, one must first have a strong energy field. Most often, after becoming competent with power meditation, one can sense where the holes are located. By repeatedly directing the energy to the holes and expanding the aura in and around the areas of the holes, in time they will seal.

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