There have been reports of hysterical mothers ranting how a teenager of theirs, got involved in "role playing games" which led to "occult activities" which further led them to "Satanism," and they ended up committing suicide. As for those role-playing books, the contents in some are sick beyond belief and have NO relation to Satanism whatsoever, other than from a warped, twisted and sick Jewish mind and Christian point of view. These troubled kids, who are too young to think critically, and who have been brainwashed with Christian sickness in seriously dysfunctional homes, have no positive alternative outlet and believe these lies, take this stuff literally, believing it to be 'Satanism.'

"Infernalism: The Left Hand Path of Screams," by White Wolf was one of the worst fabricated diatribes on Satanism I have ever seen. This is one of the many direct, slanderous, and negligent attacks on our religion where the author/s, should be held accountable in a court of law for writing this crap. Unfortunately, Satan is the one who always gets the blame. These maggots who make money off of these slanderous lies, should be held accountable for their actions. The Jews control 96 percent of the media unfortunately and unbeknownst to many, promote these kinds of attacks against Satanism, as 'Satan' means 'enemy' in Hebrew. In addition, most people are unaware of the fact that the Jews are the ones who push and promote Christianity, especially in the media, when all the while putting up another false front that they are and have been persecuted by Christianity, thus they are opposed to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the Jews control 96 percent of the media, they are at liberty to censor and anything that does not conform to their agenda to enslave the world is attacked and rejected, also labeled as 'evil.'

This also brings to mind another matter. Halloween is a fun time where kids and adults alike, party, dress up in costumes and have lots of fun. This is a good thing and should always take place every year, as it is a positive thing. What is NOT positive is how people don hideously ugly masks with horns, etc., making a mockery of Father Satan. There is an infinite variety of characters one has to choose from without having to resort to making a mockery of the God we revere, and hold sacred.

Let's turn the tables here. You know if the Nazarene wasn't such a sorry joke, with all the blood and gore, he is actually scary.

For starters, a lightweight wooden cross hollowed out on the inside can be equipped with a small sliding door where candy and other treats can be inserted. In addition to acting as a candy receptacle, the cross can be used to defend against thugs who, through laziness would rather rob legitimate trick-or-treaters of their hard earned candy than go door to door like the rest. A neon crown of thorns can be wired to a nine volt battery, blinking on and off, followed by lights circling around the head in different colors. Another battery can supply a small, though loud, speaker booming out church organ music, every so often intercepted by- "Have you heard the good news?" "His pain, your gain" "Have you been saved?" "Jesus loves you" "This is my son in whom I am well pleased" and other related idiocy. This way, one can hear the Nazarene coming for blocks and get the basket of candy ready at the door. A placard can be attached to the back of the trick-or-treater, advertising: "CALVARY OR BUST!" Fake blood tubes can be hooked up to the palms where they can squirt stingy people who refuse to insert treats into the door on the cross. Fake blood must also be applied to resemble the stigmata and other gore. If one really wants to get elaborate, a whip can be included.

As for year round, the kiddies shouldn't be left out on the fun. Here's where a Jesus action figure would come in handy, coming with his own toy cross, hammer and nails, holes in the hands and feet where the toy nails can be inserted, providing a good vehicle for developing hand/eye coordination, release of frustration after being told "no" or disciplined. The action figure should be flexible enough to go from the cross to the "pillar" where a toy whip can "scourge" the Nazarene for his sins against humanity. [The pillar and the whip are included with the Nazarene]. The INRI" at the top of the cross can snap on and off, providing a variety: "His pain your gain," "Pepsi-Cola," "Pedophile on a stick." A variety of funny faces/accessories can also be included. Various heads can be snapped on and off. Some of you who are old enough might remember "Kool-Aid's" rival who had packets of funny faces- "Goofy-Grape" "Berry-Berry." These characters would quite fitting. Enough said?

In closing, most role-playing books are based upon the occult and the powers of the mind. Angels work to keep humanity from accessing or knowing of the powers of the mind, usually through ugly experiences that create fear or even worse. Angels incite suicide in those who are susceptible, NOT Satan or his Demons. Those of us who have made a commitment to Satan are under his protection. Those who are without are on their own.

With the Christian focus upon death [the fixation upon 'Armageddon' along with the Bible being full of mass murder, torture and other anti-life human-hating teachings]; living for their death [living their entire life for and waiting for being taken up to 'heaven'], and worshipping death [the dead Nazarene on the cross], a powerful subliminal connection is made. Christianity was built upon a foundation of murder, torture, and lies. The Jews, being very clever have had a history of blaming everything they are and do upon their enemies. This creates much confusion in the average person who is and has been heavily programmed to conform and to believe whatever he/she is told, especially if many others also believe.

The Inquisition: A History of Christian Torture, Mass Murder and Destruction of Human Life

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