Healing Loved Ones

When we perform Satanic healing on our loved ones, it is quite different from working on ourselves. It is best to use healing energy from the earth and let it run through us into the loved one.

To do this, it is very important to have open, active, and powerful chakras especially in your hands and feet. For more information, click on the links below:

Your soul must be strong enough. This comes with repeated and consistent power meditations. Depending upon the severity of the illness or problem, more than one healing session is often necessary. This also depends upon the strength of your own powers.

Now, I speak from experience here. If you have a virus in you to where you haven’t even experienced the symptoms of it yet, the drain from healing another, or even putting an aura of protection upon another will make it manifest. Worse yet, if you are even the slightest bit ill, never perform any healing or other energy workings upon another. I have found that the soul of the loved one will connect and take even more energy than intended, especially in a desperate situation. I am also aware of this even with average everyday people. One elderly man was dying and 2 days before he died, his son felt extremely weak and tired. The elderly man’s soul took his energy.

In order to effectively heal a loved one, you must be healthy yourself. This includes as I mentioned in the above regarding running energy through you from an external source. Also note that if you have any minor ailment, giving healing energy to another can worsen that ailment. Please be aware of this.

I healed one of my pets by placing my hands over where she was having the problem. I opened both my hand and feet chakras and began drawing in energy through my feet [I was in my house] and I directed the healing energy from my palm chakras, all the time visualizing the white-gold brilliant light on her, and affirming she was healed. My powers were also at their height as I did this following a Hatha yoga session and power meditation. In this instance, it only took one session and she was fine.

There are some guidelines for healing loved ones:

1. Make sure you are strong enough and it is best not to use your own energies. Pulling energy from the earth (this can be from the floor), the sun or any other natural source is best. Always run the energy through yourself.

2. Make sure to completely clean your aura and chakras afterwards.

3. In cases of serious accidents or related, the more people involved in the healing, the better the chance for recovery. Friends, relatives and so forth, if they are at all open-minded can be organized into drawing in energy and applying it to the afflicted one in an emergency situation. Even people who are not trained and who know nothing are better than not doing a thing. The more people, the more energy.

4. Like working any and all magick, one must have confidence in and believe in a full recovery.

5. Affirmations are always necessary as energy does what it is told to do. Affirmations should always be in the present tense and of a positive statement.

6. Once healing sessions are begun, depending upon the severity of the ailment, they should be repeated until the loved one has made a full and complete recovery.

7. Cleaning the area or body using a brilliant white light before applying healing energy also helps.

8. As with healing the self- severe cases may require several healing sessions per day. This also depends upon your own personal powers. The more powerful you are, the more powerful and effective your healing energy will be.

9. The longer [more chronic] the ailment, the more difficult it is to heal, and it will require much more time than an acute infection. Congenital problems [afflictions one is born with] are the most difficult. Nothing is impossible! The human mind is even capable of growing a new limb. The key is extreme personal power through consistent meditation, patience, perseverance and above all - CONSISTENCY!

10. After working on others, a few rounds of Sun/Moon Alternate Nostril Breathing is highly recommended to re-balance the soul. This should only be the holding at the top, not the holding at the bottom exercise. When performing alternate nostril breathing, it is also important to "breathe" energy in with each inhale.

Also be aware of this: The higher mind and soul may direct you to get medical attention in some cases. This is often where one is not yet powerful enough to heal an affliction. Other cases can involve being directed to certain supplements, vitamins or other substances that will help cure the affliction. Healing something serious in a short time is not always possible. Listen to your higher mind. Also, unfortunately, there are times when a loved one is too far gone, and not much can be done unless the energy is exceptionally strong as with a coven. The more you work with healing energy and work to empower yourself, the more effective you will be.

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