Important Information About Satanic Healing

When performing healings, it is important to write your affirmations down and the specific techniques you used. This actually goes for all spells and workings, but is especially important with healings.

Chronic conditions [ailments you have had for most of your life or for years], will disappear with consistent workings, but in some cases, due to fluctuations in energy, these may return at a later date, but will be much milder.

All that needs to be done is to repeat the working, the visualizing of the white-gold healing light, like the Sun, on the afflicted part and repeat the affirmations.

This can also happen if you have several chronic and severe ailments and then begin working on another ailment. This somewhat can upset the energies in your soul and the first problem can come back. This calls for another time of the day [be sure to space this out- several hours], when you devote some time to the first problem which has resurfaced. It will go away quickly.

In any event, NEVER throw away life saving medications, for example, like inhalers [for people who have asthma] or anything else where if the problem resurfaced again, it could be deadly.

Healings ideally should be repeated way beyond the actual healing, and then reinforced periodically. The more severe and chronic [long time] the ailment, the more time it will take for the healing to be permanent. Above all, persistence is necessary. Congenital disorders are the worst, as this is what the soul came into the world with, but again, these are not impossible to heal. Satan shows us nearly anything is possible.

Again, as with everything else, the strength of your soul will determine the time and effort needed to achieve complete success. Doing Kundalini and Hatha Yoga exercises is a wonderful help for raising the witchpower/vril [healing energy].

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