Fourth Key

The Fourth Key in English

I have set my feet in the south
And have looked about me saying:
Are not the thunders of increase
Numbered 666,
Which reign in the second angle?
I have placed whom none hath
Yet numbered but two: in whom
The second beginning of things are
And wax strong, which also successively,
Adding the numbers of time
And their powers stand
As in the beginning nine!
Arise! ye sons of pleasure!
And visit the earth!
For I am Satan who is and liveth forever!
In Satan's name, move! Show yourselves
As pleasant deliverers,
That you may praise him
Amongst the sons of men!


The Fourth Key in Enochian

Othil lusdi babage od dorpha gohol:
G-chis ge avavago cormp mian,
Cormp mian, oali sobam ag
Cormpo crp vi-iv: casarmg viv croodzi
Chis od vgeg, ds t capimali
Coazior gapimaon od lonshin biah
Ta croodzi em! Torzu!
Nore de qvasahi od ef caosga!
Lap zir Satan ds i od
Apila gohed! I Satan's dooaip,
Zacare! Zamran obelisong
Nonci rest tox aaf nore molap!


The Fourth Key Enochian Pronunciation

oh-tuh-HEEL   '   LUH-zuh-dee
bah-BAH-jzhay   '   OHD
DOH-ruh-puh-hah   '   goh-HOH-luh:
guh-kuh-HEESS   '   GAY
KOH-ruh-muhp   '   MEE-ahn,
DAHSS   '   ZOH-nuhf
VEE-vuh-deev?   '   oh-AH-lee
ZOH-bahm   '   AHGH
KOH-ruh-muh-poh   '   kuh-RUHP
VEE-EEV:   '   kuh-SAH-ruh-muhjzh
VEEV   '   kuh-ROH-ohd-zee
kuh-HEES OHD   '   vuh-GAYJZH,
DAHSS   '   TAH   '   kah-pee-MAH-lee,
koh-AH-zee-ohr   '   gah-pee-MAH-ohn
OHD   '   oh-nuh-suh-HEEN
BEE-ah TAH   '   kuh-ROH-ohd-zee
AIM!   '   TOH-ruht-soo!   '   NOH-ray
DAY   '   kuh-VAH-sah-hee!
OHD   '   AYF   '   kah-OHS-suh-gah!
LAHP   '   ZEE-ruh   '   SAY-TAN
DAHSS   '   EE   '   OHD
ah-PEE-lah   '   GOH-hud!
EE   '   SAY-TAN'S   '   doh-OH-ay-eep,
zah-KAH-ray!   '   ZAH-muh-rahn
NOH-nuh-see   '   RAY-suht
TOHKS   '   ah-AHF   '   NOH-ray


© Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457