Fake Satanism: The Enemy of Spiritual Satanism

There is nothing Satan and the Original God hate the most, than "Fake Satanism". Fake Satanism will be clearly defined by these points made in this topic, so confusion is dispelled about Spiritual Satanism and the most defamed title of "Satanism".

By "Fake Satanism", we define the notions which label themselves as "Satanic" in Origin or cults that pretend they are worshiping Satan, but they are in fact, all are sourced upon the works, tenets and claimed slanderous accounts of his enemies.

Defamation campaigns of these nature are sourced with the enemies of Satan, insane individuals, or outright enemies of Satan who purposefully weaved a false paradigm under which Satan would be lied about, slandered against, or hated by Human beings.

Perhaps the biggest work of slander against Satan, is the generation and basis of His Divine Religion, on false paradigm. There is no greater insult toward the Gods or their knowledge of Ancient Wisdom, than to replace their worship with false jewish accounts which completely misdirect their potential followers or make them into evil freaks.

Every other "Satanic Denomination" out there, is explicitly based on the following sources of corruption:

1. Jewish Mythological claims about Satan, that stem from cultural conceptions of the Jews, the arch-enemies of Satan. These involve Hebrew tenets, such as Hebrew letters or are sourced in Jewish Kabbalah, Qlippotic Kabbalah, or other sources like the Jewish Bible.

2. Middle Ages sourced blasphemous symbolism that was the creation of the Middle Age Christians, sourced in "Anti-Satanic" material that was written again and evolved from the sources mentioned above, in order to scare people and drive them away from the Ancient Gods. These involve images of pits of Hell, eternal torment, the Demons portrayed as monsters, or even gore related Rituals.

3. Newer sources based on the mixing of the above: Aleister Crowley, or Anton LaVey [who was also racially Jewish] have mixed a lot of the above information to create new abominations as the timeline of history did progress, to add new insults and injuries upon the reputation of the Gods.

None of this was done in Satan's Name, and the original historical confine of these or the basis of these, is always reliant upon the claims of Judaism, Christianity or Islam about these topics.

None of this represents Satan in His True form, a form which predates Abrahamic religions by tens of thousands of years in time.

Fake Satanism is essentially also in many cases a "cultural reaction" that does the "opposite" of what the "Bible" or any other Jewish manuscript claims, or does exactly the define form of "Satanism" as claimed by Satan's enemies. Again, this reaction falls into the same underlying category of false Satanism.

The above add insults to injury, hurts the image and reputation of the Gods, and it is not a coincidence that evil, unevolved or racially jewish individuals consistently engage on this practice to slander their Ancient Enemy as much as possible.

In a sense, what they are doing is joining the team of their enemies and then engaging in confusion and depravity.

Speaking on military rooted terms, that is called purposeful infiltration and subversion, in order for them to do crimes which later will be pinned upon "Satanism" as a whole.

Similar processes have taken place where political movements or spiritual movements are concerned; as this method of infiltration is similar to a Gentile dressing as a Rabbi and conducting crimes, claiming this was on the behalf of Judaism. In that example, infiltration would be very much clarified; but when Jews engage in this process, they are doing this to define Satan and Satanism in the most vile light possible.

Further, this dissuades humanity from spiritual advancement or evolution, linking True Satanic knowledge to evil and deplorable practices that are of a criminal source, origin or nature, since they come from sources of pollution or originally intended to lie, defame and slander.

Spiritual Satanism and the Joy of Satan, are the only true sources of pure spiritual knowledge that would be defined as Satanism, as the sources come directly from the Gods or from their pre-historical and verified history of spiritual teachings on the human timeline.

We completely reject all notions related to, or created by, any jewish paradigms or opinions on these topics. To accept these in anyway, whether "pro or in opposition", represents the same cultural erosion and the same underlying evil that rests in the slander that was heaped upon the Gods.

Lastly, those engaging in "Fake Satanism", are actually enemies of the Gods, as they serve the double purpose of slandering the Gods and giving false credibility to Satan's enemies - which leads many people to erroneously believe that the original accounts of the jews on these topics are "correct".

The Joy of Satan is permanently and unequivocally against all of these forms of Fake Satanism and seeks to remove them from the face of existence, same as their originating sources.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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