About Ectoplasm:

Ectoplasm has many different astral uses. Extra-terrestrials use this in a much more potent form than humans. This is the cloud that forms before many abductions, where there is a loss of time and memory. Ectoplasm can make one invisible and can be used to kill with death rituals. After proficiency is achieved in producing this substance, one can will it to manifest in specific colors that are harmonious with the objective of the working.

The most common example of the use of ectoplasm is with mediums. The ectoplasm gives the evoked spirit something to manifest itself in. Ectoplasm can also add much more potency to creating a thoughtform.

How to secrete ectoplasm:

Ectoplasm is the substance we see with the clouds when scrying. This is a minor form of ectoplasm, but will get you started.

Candle light is perfect for this exercise. Candle color here does not matter, so use whatever you have available.

If you have a black mirror, you will want to use this, but any other similar props will do. You can even use a regular mirror or a bowl of dark or black liquid.

  1. Sit in a quiet dimly lit room.

  2. Relax and go into a trance state. This does not have to be a deep trance, just enough so you are focused.

  3. Look into the mirror or bowl of liquid and stare at one point. You should eventually see clouds form.

  4. Concentrate on these clouds, willing them in a soft way to condense and thicken.

  5. When you are consistently able to will the clouds to condense and thicken, gently and slowly take your eyes off the mirror. You should still be able to see the clouds in front of you. Try to focus on them for two to three minutes.

    The goal is to secrete this substance and to manipulate it at will.

  6. Blink your eyes and move your fingers and toes and gently bring yourself back from the trance.

When you become proficient at secreting ectoplasm, will the ectoplasm into a ball shape. From there, work at making it thicker and form it into different shapes. This will take practice so be patient. After a time, you can will it into different colors for specific purposes.



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