Earth Day

When I was new to Satanism, I had many blatant spiritual experiences. One night, I was walking into the parking lot where I live, and I had just finished a cola and as usual, I threw the bottle. This was a habit. As most of you know, I was an atheist before Satan came into my life and I didn't care about hardly anything

I felt something tap me in the back of the head and a voice came into my head and warned me to "pick that up!" I immediately got the picture. Later on I was reading where the Yezidi Devil worshippers of Iraq would not even so much as spit on the ground, because the Earth belongs to Satan.

From these experiences, it is obvious that Father Satan is concerned about the Earth. At work, I had access to recycling. It was my job to clean overnight. When doing the garbage rounds, I took the plastic out [most of the stuff was clean and I had gloves] and put it into the recycle bins. I did the same with aluminum cans. This pleases Father Satan.

Many may ask, what difference does it make? A LOT. AS EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!! Don't worry about what others are doing or are not doing, just take care of you and yours. Littering and desecrating the Earth is showing disrespect to Satan. We don't have to go out of our way, just take care of our own messes.

Satanism is a life loving religion. We are alive on this Earth; this is Father Satan's place for us. With each of us doing our part, we can help make this a better place and set an example for others.


Important Note 22/February/2015:
Satan and our Original Gods care very much about the Earth. As Christians live for, worship and are intensely focused upon death, it is no wonder that most could care less about the environment. They believe they will all reside in 'heaven' in a paradise, happily ever after, and that 'the earth will pass away' and other stupid deluded nonsense. They live for their death and look forward to 'Armageddon' and other destructive events, as most are extremely miserable behind the artificial alien-looking smiley mask.

Satan and our Gods also hold animals sacred. Many of our Gods have animals as their personal symbols, such as Satan with the serpent and the peacock, Lilith with owls and cats, Thoth with the Ibis, Anubis with the jackal and with dogs, Bastet with cats and many more. Industrial farming and other heinous abuses of animals are a manifestation of the Judeo/Christian/Muslim death promoting programs, and their destruction of spiritual awareness, which promotes spiritual degeneration. Spiritual degeneration goes far beyond just the soul, it also produces a degeneration of both personal and also generational character to where one is completely oblivious to the sufferings of others and given the degree, is capable of anything.

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