The Christian churches have billions and billions of dollars. In order for Satanism to advance, money is needed. Joy of Satan Ministries can do much more with resources. For the last 20 years, the Joy of Satan has provided an immense wealth of spiritual information, knowledge and support. Much of this has been made possible with extensive personal efforts, and donations help tremendously in that regard.

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The purpose of a church is for learning and knowledge. Satanism is all about knowledge. Joy of Satan Ministries makes knowledge free and available to all. Much of this knowledge is hard to find, suppressed and rare. Existing articles are frequently updated and new knowledge is posted frequently.

Joy of Satan Clergy provide knowledge, support, and guidance in the Joy of Satan e-groups.

Donations are spent on research materials, maintenance of JoS websites, advertising, new websites and for the promotion and advancement of Satanism.

Update: 27 May 2024

The list of donation addresses has been updated once again! Please double check the address you are sending donations to.

How to Donate with Cryptocurrency to Joy of Satan: A Guide

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Due to extensive online censorship and the threats going on in the United States and the Western World against our freedoms and financial freedoms, the Joy of Satan from now on will accept donations through Cryptocurrency. The ever rising threat of censorship in the United States and Western World is rising exponentially as time goes by. The Joy of Satan is not afraid to state the truth and this will never change. Satanism is about freedom.

Due to the above reality, Cryptocurrencies are now the preferred way to donate. Everyone is advised to use Cryptocurrency instead and to start moving away from mainstream processors for this. It's very easy to buy, send, donate and to store cryptocurrency.

To notify us about a donation, ask any related question about how to donate, or if you want to donate in other Cryptocurrencies than the one given below, don't hesitate to mail us at [email protected]

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