How To Interpret
Understand The Messages Of The Gods

It is a natural occurrence that those who attempt communication with the Gods, might experience problems or obstacles. Often-times, this can occur with communication, understanding of the Gods, interpreting their will, or in essence merely communicating with the Gods spiritually in a more direct way.

These problems can range from direct enemy interference, to natural astral interference, but there is an overlooked topic that most people seem to neglect. This problem is primarily centered around the self and one's inner balances.

As one constantly attempts this and wants to advance in this area, what is described in this post will be more clearly understood.

In the Joy of Satan website, the writings of High Priests are describing the methods and advanced methodology on how one can communicate with Demons. There are quite a few ways. Yet, one must understand that none of this is an one shot deal.

It requites persistent training, and the more advancement one has from past lives, the better. The most major denominator for success however is how much one wants to truly do this, an objective proven by the constant work put into this task.

Presently, many things are done quickly and everyone expects quick results, but communication with the Gods done on a very serious level is something the practitioner can attain with training and persistence. Due to the very important nature of this practice, one is deceiving themselves if they think this is too easy.

On the other hand, one is also being deceived if they are told that this is "impossible" or far off. Satan's power and that of the Demons can even be felt by those who are without or people who have never meditated, under the correct circumstances.

There are also many levels and layers to attaining communication. One must never get discouraged, but keep trying and advancing spiritually to finally attain this understanding. In the process of this development, one not only grows spiritually, but gains the interest of the Gods themselves. The Gods do enjoy and take pride when we try to develop spiritually and reach them.

The primary obstacle that most people seem to experience, is not so much that one cannot communicate with the Gods, but rather, the willingness to follow what the Gods are requiring of someone or indicating one must do.

In certain cases where one's mind is adjusted to a situation where one is used to certain things, such as routines, a way of living life, or stuck in the rut of perpetual ignorance, communication can be made very difficult. Ignorance can be a very important factor in blocking certain influences out of ourselves.

Meditation works to change this over time and step by step.

One's "Mind", can also act as a block for most communication. For this reason, the Gods often times send messages in omens or through other means of divination. Still, even if the message is received, one might not interpret this clearly, since one's mind is not open to interpretation.

While the Gods know the best ways to communicate with someone or anyone, the core of the issue here has to do with the soul, it's hygiene, and the cleanliness of the mind itself. By mind, we define here also the mental construct, the mental restraints, the things one does or does not want to accept, everything that makes up the individual's "mind".

Without a mind and heart set to the direction of the Gods, or without much willingness, one will have a lot of obstacles in understanding the will of the Gods or walking into the path of the purer light.

By direction of the heart, we mean alignment of one's emotions and inner drives - ie, if you do constantly the things that would oppose this undertaking, then you will divide yourself from it.

An example here would be feelings that one is arrogantly believing one has the rights to attain this based due to impatience or arrogance, intense fear, or a feeling that one cannot communicate at all [depressive feelings]. Either of these, in either side, can cause considerable problems in communication with the Gods.

By direction of the mind, we mean the mental programmings, such as doubts or fears, that might keep one back. An example here, would be a stuck belief in one's mind that the Gods do "not exist", or that "you know best", or other delusional fallacies such as that you are already ultimately wise in yourself and whatever other nonsense.

These fallacies are of stupid levels that will disallow strongly the ability to communicate with the Gods. Beliefs like this can act as limiting factors in communication.

In either of these categories, it sounds easy and one might arrogantly believe that they have "escaped", simply because they attained communication by coincidence or some correct communications, but the above is way harder than it looks like on the surface. It is doable, but the above merely is circumvented only by serious advancement of the Soul, ie, the mind and the heart included within the soul.

The above is fixed and regulated by mostly being a balanced being and soul. The above is easier said than done and certainly far more complex than the few words related above will explain. Specifically, this has to do also with the balance and cleanlinesses of the soul itself.

An unstudied or arrogant mind, or a mind that does not try to evolve itself, cannot properly decipher the messages of the Gods. It does not matter what certain people might believe. If anything was caught, it will be fragmented, incomplete, and not lead to proper understanding.

The path to learning, understanding, deciphering, and above all the wisdom to be a real partaker of such communication instead of a deluded person, is a long path. Regardless, it's the most rewarding of all paths as the Gods can help someone advance as a being and transform them.

Before any actual examples of true, sound and healthy astral communication, the above issues have to be set in order. To set the above issues in order, your instructions are in the Joy of Satan website, with all the tools given there.

Unless the above are applied with loyalty and adhered to seriously, then one will still receive communications, but jumbling, confusion and other similar forces will take the wheel far more often than one being an able captain, able to navigate the sea of knowledge to reach for communication.

To the very trained mind, the natural or astral or even enemy interference, will fall secondary or of no influence and one will be able to communicate anyway. Regardless, because of the deceptive nature of the dimension we are currently into, one must always take in very serious consideration to filter out what one believes is communication, in order to receive proper guidance.

For those who are receiving this, then you must further this and not let this go. In other words, one must try to keep this communication going. One way is prayer.

Additionally, workings to specifically unfold this ability, can help. But only within the context of a balanced and regular meditation schedule, but also inner temperance that guides someone to true understanding away from imbalances and illnesses of the behaviour and the soul.

As communication implies, we have not only verbal communication, but often times it will be omens, thoughts, or other guidance one will receive, often times given in ways that will propel you to advance, rather than to stumble upon a given answer from which you have gained nothing.

One very important thing to understand is that since not everyone is the same being, or on the same level, the Gods will likewise adjust this with your Guardian Demon and Demons so that you receive communications in the level that you can understand.

If one cannot understand something, then one must insist and stay on with the Demons, until one can finally grasp it.

If you fail at this, be honest, and try again.

In general, it is better to avoid that one has not understood a full idea, or had issues communicating, rather than being arrogant or foolish that one understood everything at once. Either of these states can be partly detrimental in one's growth through the Demonic Communication.

The Gods can send Demons to also instruct you and guide you by invisible means, so that you are guided to information. One major example is in the forums, or an answer. That counts as valid communication as any, and verbal or auditory or visual communication is not the sole deciding factor of the value of communicating. One's inquiry has been answered in the above very obvious case.

As a conclusive note, the most difficult wall anyone who truly seeks communication with the Gods must skip, is also a wall that many do not understand, and that is the wall of one's own individual self. A major obstacle in communication can be one's own need to deceive one's self or one's own incapacity to accept something, for example.

One just needs to go online to see what many claim is "Angels, Gods, Higher Beings" talking to them, just to read a heap of garbage and nothing else. One can avoid this and really move towards them, by applying what is said through this post. No serious Satanist must spend time trying to decipher or waste their life in this garbage. Anyone who also habitually does that, is generally there only to waste your time. That will teach you nothing.

Lastly, the highest the degree of self honesty and closeness to the level of "Sat" or True Consciousness, the more one will receive from this and understand the will and messages of the Gods. This takes time and evolution of the soul to achieve, but its very much doable and within the grasp of anyone who focuses on meditation.

It also has to be stated that "in potential", all human beings, due to the nature of the soul, could be partakers in this. Yet, this will be decided from the fact that if one works on their mind and soul or not.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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