Creating Elementals

Elementals are beings whose souls are comprised of only one or two elements instead of the five [fire, earth, air, water and ether] we humans have. Elementals have a certain degree of intelligence determined by their creator. They can be helpful in carrying out certain tasks on the astral as well as in the physical world. They can be servitors. You should already be competent in working with the elements. For more information regarding the elements, please click here.

Fire elementals appear as a fiery ball before they are formed.

Water elementals appear as a glass ball before they are formed.

Air elementals will have a bluish color.

Earth elementals appear clay colored.

These beings are capable of many tasks, below are a few examples:

1. Influencing the minds and thoughts of others.

2. Breaking up relationships or strengthening them.

3. Forming friendships or love/lust relationships.

4. Bending weaker individuals to the will of the mage and controlling them through the elemental.

5. Bringing in customers for those in business.

Instructions for creating the elemental:

1. The elemental should be of the element relating to and of a form corresponding to the desire you wish to have fulfilled.

2. Give the elemental a name.

3. You must impress your will upon the elemental with authority in giving it orders as what you want it to accomplish. This should be a short present tense phrase. "Will" never happens. For example- "You are..."

4. You should also impress upon the elemental that it will be successful in carrying out its order.


1. Go into a trance.

2. Imagine yourself within the element you wish to use for your work, as you would do for invocation, but do not invoke the element. Instead, focus and condense the element into a sphere in front of you. The element needs to be condensed and powerful.

3. Now, shape the elemental into the desired form and impress your desire both in feeling and a short phrase of command into it.

4. Name your elemental.

5. If you wish to set a time limit, order your elemental to return to the element it was created from at a specific time, after it has completed its task. Failure to do this in some cases, can result in a creature that has a life and will of its own and can be a bother. To keep a faithful element as a permanent servitor, you must “feed” it regularly by infusing it with more of the element it originated from and also, you must keep programming it.

6. The elemental can also be programmed to attach itself to and feed from the aura of the person you send it to.

7. To summon the elemental, call it by name and will it back. You can then recharge it with energy and/or a new task.


Reference: Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon © 1956




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