The Satanic Cone of Power

Cones and pyramids have long been associated with magickal power, as these are in the shape of the chakras of the human soul. Paintings of wizards and witches have nearly always portrayed them with the pointed hats. [For more information concerning the origins of the cone-shaped hats, see the link at the bottom of this page]. The 'cone of power' for a coven represents the shape of the psychic energy raised and directed when members form a circle to work their magick.

All coven members focus intensely upon a desired goal that is visualized in a symbol or image, of which everyone is in agreement. Power is raised through dancing, drumming, chanting [vibrating words of power in unison], hand clapping, and music. As the members dance around the circle, the tempo increases and the cone of power begins to rise over the circle which forms the base of the cone. Those who have their third eye open and fully empowered will be able to see the energy, which is usually a shimmering silver or blue light. When the High Priest/ess senses the energy is at its peak, he/she instructs the members to release it in a burst towards the goal. Timing here is critical.

Dancing in a circle can also be done out of doors around a bon-fire. This was common during the yearly celebrations of April 30th; the Eve of Beltane. In ancient times, the group would dance until exhausted, linking hands and rushing towards the fire until everyone was exhausted or someone fainted, which indicated the energy was sent off successfully. The cone of power is an ancient, universal practice.

In parts of ancient Syria, the cone was the symbol of Astarte, the Phoenician Goddess of motherhood, fertility and war, also known as the Demoness Astaroth.

The Pagan/Satanic Origins of Cone-Shaped Hats


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