Concentrating the Elements

1. Quiet your mind.

2. Breathe in the element of fire and upon the exhale, direct all of it to your base chakra, so it is concentrated.

3. Do this for five breaths.

4. Meditate upon and feel the heat in your base chakra.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can substitute directing the water element into your sacral chakra. Either do one or the other.

What this does is to train you to concentrate and direct an element. This can also be done outside of your body and for advanced magick, you will need this skill. It must be taken slowly though. This is very advanced. The fire element will stimulate your kundalini. Directing the elements to specific parts of the body can also be used to heal. NEVER DIRECT THE FIRE ELEMENT TO YOUR HEART OR YOUR BRAIN!! This can be very dangerous and can cause permanent damage to these two very sensitive organs. For adepts, organs other than the brain or heart are usually able to handle condensed elements. The organs are not the chakras, as some have confused these in the e-groups. Breathing in elements into your chakras is fine.


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