Satanism and Power Meditation

Power meditation is a psychic cleaning house so to speak. When one begins a power meditation program, one can often expect repressed emotions to manifest, such as anger, hatred, rage, grief, and so forth. You may find yourself having upsetting thoughts and feelings and not knowing why these are occurring. These emotions can last up to a year or even longer, according to the intensity in which they were suppressed in your younger years. Many of us can't even remember these experiences, but our subconscious minds do. In time, suppressed emotions will be cleaned out and the soul will be able to advance and be much freer. One will find inner balance and peace.

Learning is another thing. Satanism is intense and for many, embracing Satanism is a first time of coming into one's own. Many of us finally acknowledge the years spent as a spiritual slave without personal rights, and become aware of years of unnecessary abuse. One may experience intense anger and other emotions that come to the surface. This is very normal and therapeutic. Just let it out in a constructive way. This is a time of positive inner change, cleansing, and healing. In time, there will be inner peace and balance. How long this process takes or whether one goes through this is individual. I am posting this so everyone, especially those who are new will know this is normal.

In time, we all come into our own and are free from the indoctrination and intense programming that most others are slaves to. There is nothing more beautiful than a free mind, for this is when we can truly advance and to know ourselves for who we are- not for who we are expected or told to be.


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