Circulating the Elements

These meditations are very advanced. The instructions should be obvious without having to go into unnecessary details.

These meditations are what is known as alchemy/hermeticism. They clean out the chakras and burn the seals, getting rid of the dross that blocks knowledge and power.

Step One - Calcination -
To circulate fire.

1. Invoke the element of fire into your whole body

2. Condense the element into your base chakra

3. Circulate the fireball through each of your chakras as for the Circulation Meditation.

4. You should feel the searing white-hot ball pass through each chakra. If you don't feel it right away, imagine it. This will come in time.

Step Two - Distillation -
To circulate the element of water after circulating fire.

1. Invoke water

2. Condense it into your second chakra and perform as above.

This will produce searing steam that will deep clean your chakras, burning out and dissolving dross.

Step Three - Solution -
To further clean the chakras and to cause the elements to seperate. The seperation is passive and will occur naturally and is known as "seperation."

1. Invoke the quintessence/ether element.

2. Condense it into your third eye or sixth chakra and circulate it.

Step Four - Conjunction -

1.Invoke the earth element and heat it by invoking the fire element.

2. Condense the energy into your base chakra and circulate it.

Step Five - Putrification -
To apply moist heat through the invocation of the air element.

1. Invoke the air element.

2. Condense it in your throat chakra and then circulate it.

Step Six - Congelation -
Invoke the earth element.

1. Invoke the earth element.

2. Condense it into your base chakra and then circulate it.

Step Seven - Cibation -

1. Perform steps one and two above and gather and condense the liquid produced from each chakra into the sacral (second) chakra and circulate it.

Step Eight - Sublimation -
Reheating with the fire element to further burn away impurities.

1. Invoke the fire element.

2. Condense it into your base chakra.

3. Circulate it and vaporze each of your chakras with it.

4. Immediately following, invoke the earth element.

5. Condense it into your base chakra and circulate it, cooling down the vapor and causing condensation into solid form.

Step Nine - Fermentation -
This is done by breathing in gold energy. You can reap the best results from doing this directly from the sun.

1. Breathe in gold energy

2. Condense it into your solar plexus chakra

3. Circulate it.

Step Ten - Exaltation -
This is done by invoking fire as with step one, only this time, concentrate on making the fire as hot as possible.

Step Eleven - Multiplication -
This is done to amplify the energy and is done by invoking the quintessence as with step three.



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