Several people have inquired about Buddhism and its relation to Satanism and so forth. I watched a most interesting and revealing documentary last week. National Geographic's "Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for Sacred Caves" [2009].

To sum this up: Buddhism can be safely and securely added to the list of enemy programs right up there with Christianity and Islam. Buddhism was invented to remove spiritual knowledge and replace it with enemy crap, no different from islam and Christianity.

The original religion, the Tibetan "Bon" religion was attacked, followers mass murdered- same ugly repeat and agenda, so this Buddhism could be reinforced on the populace.

The documentary features researchers who discover hidden caves in the Himalayas that contain hundreds of hidden manuscripts; entire spiritual libraries, hidden from enemy invaders who sought to destroy spiritual knowledge.

The followers of Buddhism in the area equate the original Tibetan Bon religion with 'black magick.'


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