There are four main types of brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Beta waves characterize the conscious waking state at 14 cycles per second and up. The conscious mind does not take suggestion very well. Reasoning, logic, thinking and putting into action what it already knows is mainly what the conscious mind does. Higher cycles of beta waves are used in rituals where a lot of active energy input is needed, as in revenge. A good example is in building a circle cone of power. The more excited one becomes, the higher the cycles per second in the brain.

The alpha state operates at a lower cycle, 7-14 per second level. This is the trance state when the body can no longer be felt, and sounds may become painful. This is the meditation and sleep range. Deep meditation descends into the theta state.

In the alpha state, one is open to suggestion as the conscious logical mind is subdued. The conscious defense barrier is down. Hypnosis takes place on this level. When in the alpha state, we can program our own and/or the minds of others. The deeper you go into alpha, the closer you get to theta.

We can influence others when they are asleep or in the alpha state. This is one reason most mages prefer to do their spell work at night when most people are asleep.

Talking to someone who is sleeping will act to program his or her mind. This can be done, even at a distance with intense concentration, visualizing the individual, and directing thoughts into his/her head. This may have to be repeated several times. The strength of your mind and aura will determine your success. Make sure the thoughts you place in his/her mind are commands, as in telling someone something you want them to do for you. Be calm, but firm and persistent. It may take a while, depending on the strength of your mind, but in time, results will manifest.

Psychic experiences can happen in the alpha state. Both daydreaming and sleep dreaming occur while in the alpha state.

The theta state is 4 - 7 cycles per second. This is where all of our emotional experiences are recorded and is of the subconscious. The theta level opens the door to descend even deeper into the psychic/astral world. While it is possible to have psychic experiences in the alpha state, the most profound experiences occur at the theta level. At this level, one is able to experience astral travel and psychic communication, achieve enlightenment, and enter into other dimensions; this is where past lives can be accessed.

Brain wave activity in the delta state ranges from 0 - 4 cycles per second. This is total unconsciousness, coma.

When in the alpha state, visualizing our desires, as if they are real and actually happening will make them manifest in reality, especially if affirmations are included. In theory, it is said the subconscious mind believes what it is told in this state to be true. Affirmations must be stated in the present tense. The subconscious mind does not understand the word 'will' as it is in the undefined future tense. 'Will' never happens. Make sure the wording is exactly what you want and look at every aspect, or something unexpected and fated could cause things to go wrong. Wording is important and must be planned carefully. One woman wished to win a contest. She repeatedly told herself she would be the best and went through the entire mental exercises. It turned out she was the best, but because of the biased judges, she lost the contest.

The more intense your visualizations, the stronger your mind/thought output will be to act in attracting what you desire.

Becoming proficient with descending into the Alpha level is usually necessary before you can easily descend into Theta at will. This can be achieved through self-hypnosis.

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