The Black Arts

I have been placing emphasis on black magick, because there is little information available on the subject, as opposed to the plethora of books available on white magick and related writings. In order to have true power, one must be adept at both. This takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work.

I also want to add here [January 2015], as this article was first written close to ten years ago, the term "Black Arts" correctly refers to Spiritual Alchemy and not black magick.

Many people often wonder why their spell workings have failed. This is because one’s mind and aura are weak. Sure, we can go to Satan and his Demons when we are in need, but the goal of Satanism is to become powerful ourselves. Satan and his Demons guide us and give us the knowledge we need to increase our powers.

Satan does not waste his time on those who do nothing with themselves. True Satanism is not Disneyland. If you want serious power, you will have to work hard at it. This can take years, but is well worth the effort. We save our own souls.

There is time we can all squeeze in with a bit of organization. Do what you can do. Breathing exercises only take around ten minutes and are very effective in increasing one’s powers. Breathing exercises can be done the first thing in the morning or even in the bathroom if you lock the door [if one lives with other people]. Even five minutes of visualization exercises a day will bring many benefits. Meditation is being in the here and now; emptying your mind of all thoughts. This can be done anywhere and at anytime, just focus on the present and what you are doing.

Much can be done with a well-trained mind. For example: Knowledge of anatomy gives one the ability to either heal or inflict harm. Nerves can cause pain, if one focuses upon them in a hated one. This is one of many examples. You can also open and access other areas of your brain that are dormant in most human beings and empower these areas by focusing on them and attempting to use the abilities they provide when activated. Thoughts can be placed in another person’s head the same way. Concentration and repetition are necessary here.

For those who do not as of yet have enough power, many times a spell or ritual can be repeated on consecutive nights, with the cycle of the Moon. Spells for growth and increase should be performed during a waxing moon, while spells for destruction should be performed during a waning moon. In many cases, spells need to be repeated. When a working is successful, you should know it and there is usually no more need to repeat it. Though some workings do need to be reinforced every now and then.

For those who like to do their workings outdoors, the earth has vast energy reserves for people who know how to manipulate energy. The use of a pendulum can prove invaluable. Obtaining consistently accurate answers from a pendulum takes much practice and patience. One can begin with a map of a suitable area that is secluded for ritual work. By using a pencil in one hand and a pendulum in the other, a series of yes/no, questions can be asked to pinpoint a spot. The pendulum will begin to move rapidly in circles when taken to a spot out of doors where there are natural lines of earth energy.

Stones can be used to enhance a circle of power. The circle of power is for building and concentrating your energies before directing them at the desired goal. Stones containing quartz increase the power of the energies in the circle and act as transmitters. Circles are also used for protection and as barriers.

Always remember, after any black magickal working to clean your aura and your chakras with a bright light, as that of the sun. When we use and draw upon negative or destructive energy, a residue can remain clinging to our auras. If this is left, it can cause problems, as energy tends to attract energy of the same wavelength. This is especially true with those who due to a lack of knowledge, invoke energy, instead of evoking it and then use it for destruction, thus creating a tie. Taking the time to clean your aura will rid your soul of anything negative that could cause you problems. Take your time at this. When you are able to see your aura brightened and your chakras as well, then ask your pendulum if you are completely cleansed. If not, ask what needs more work, going through your chakras one by one with yes/no questions that the pendulum is able to answer.

When finished with ANY ritual, it is important not to think about the ritual or your desired goal. Let the ritual alone to do its work, as dwelling, worrying or rehearsing the working can manifest the wrong energies and interfere. When we worry, or dwell on the outcome, we can sometimes alter the results we worked to influence. This is where void meditation is essential. Regular practice of void meditation gives us the ability to turn off unwanted thoughts and influences.

Workings of revenge and black magick are best done when the hated one is asleep. During sleep, the victim’s psychic defenses are down and the subconscious/suggestive mind is wide open.

Everyone should cleanse his/her aura and chakras on a daily basis. This is as essential as regular bathing. Unfortunately, due to the systematic removal of spiritual knowledge, few people know about their own souls, how to properly care for or keep them healthy. This can be done upon awaking, doesn’t take long, and can prevent illness, psychic attack and other negative energies from getting a hold. It will also enhance your charisma when interacting with others.



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