Binding Spell

What you need:

All of the above herbs are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of binding. This ritual is best performed during a full Moon. When you are finished stuffing and sewing the poppit, mark it to represent the person you wish to bind. Draw the individual’s face as best you can- facial hair, if any, glasses- this does not have to be perfect, or paste a photo of the person onto the poppit. Now sew up the mouth with intent. Vibrate ISA into it 108 times.
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Place your poppit on your altar and begin a standard ritual. After invoking the Crowned Princes of Hell, state: “I present [name] to be bound. What I do to this image, I do to [name].” Now pick the poppit up and begin winding the material/ribbon around the poppit beginning at the mouth, like a mummy, leaving one leg unbound [so you can hang it]. When finished, place it again on your altar and recite the following:

“[Name] is bound; he/she is unable to speak against me. [Name] is bound; he/she is unable to act against me. [Name] is bound; he/she is unable to harm me in any way.
Ave Satanas”

Close the ritual, now go outside, or if you already are outside- go to a tree where the poppit can be nailed by the unbound foot and hung upside down in the image of the Tarot Card of the Hanged Man.*

This card represents at a standstill, inactivity, one in suspension; one left hanging. Nail the poppit where it will not be disturbed or easily seen. Give thanks to the Powers of Hell and leave the poppit.


*This step of the ritual [how to hang the poppit], was given to me from Azazel.



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