Banishing Ritual

A banishing ritual should be done when the Moon is waning. Depending upon the strength of the unwanted energies, it will more than likely have to be repeated. To ensure all of the unwanted energies are gone, it is best to perform this ritual every day from the full to new moon, when the moon is waning.

Vibration is the key in removing unwanted energies. Ghosts, spirits and such will often remain in an area and feed off of compatible vibrations. Also, negative energy feeds off of negative energy. If a MALEVOLENT ghost or spirit is the problem, then simply vibrating his/her name [if known] backwards 9 times, afterwards affirming: “You are no more.” This must be done every day from a full moon to a new moon.

In the case of a malevolent influence, vibrate “Vinasa” VEE-NAH-SAH 9 times following vibration of the name backwards, letter by letter. If the name is unknown, then just vibrate the word “Vinasa” 9 times, and affirm: “You are no more.” Vinasa is an ancient Sanskrit word of banishment and acts to destroy the unwanted energy and/or entity. This word is to destroy and should not be used for any other purpose. Human spirits who are trapped and who mean no harm should be guided to reincarnate.

If the unwanted energy is from a deceased human or animal that is not malevolent, try to communicate with him/her and tell him/her it is time to move on. Ask for assistance from Satan to take his/her soul.

Oftentimes, a house, apartment or other area may have bad vibes therein from the former inhabitants. I have sensed certain places as having a cold, sterile type of vibe. One apartment I went into as a teen felt very cold and ugly. The woman who lived there was miserable and very mean tempered. She betrayed her friends, was all alone, jealous and a total bitch. Another place I went into was a room for rent. The vibes therein were extremely lonely and depressive. I decided not to rent the room and looked for another.

In the case of a house, apartment or other living area that has bad vibes from the intense negative emotions of the former people who lived there, it can take a lot of energy for just one person to do the ritual. Vibrating the ancient Sanskrit word “Sananda,” which means happiness and joy 10 times can help to diffuse the negative energies. The more people who can participate in the banishing ritual, the better. The “Sananda” ritual should be done from a new moon to a full moon when the moon is waxing. This will amplify the energies you are creating.

I have also noticed that house-warming parties and regular friendly get-togethers, when many people are invited for good times, parties, food and so forth… this helps to diffuse negative energy on its own. The bad energy is replaced with happy energy. This is where the unwanted energies are a bit more mild. In cases where the energies are extremely severe, the banishing rituals may not work.

A formal ritual is not necessary. All one needs to do is to raise one's energies. This can be accomplished with the RAUM meditation, and a breathing exercise of your choice. Use whatever works best for you. If you choose to do a formal ritual, then just return to the Satanic Rituals page and choose either the standard or the advanced ritual.

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