Azazel: Hieratic Information

The knowledge presented in this page is advanced and contains information for those who want to get to know Azazel in depth. There is also the containing of hieratic [deeply spiritual] knowledge such as the Divine Names of Azazel.

In regards to additional information on Divine Names, these are Names which are the numerologically sound Divine Names to use for Summoning and Invocation:

Divine Names:

  • [*]Azazee-eel [pronounced AZAZ-EE-EEL],

  • [*]UDDTHU [U-D-U]*

  • [*]PAIANA [PE-ANA]*

  • [*]APOLON [A-POL-ON]

Divine Symbols:

  • Lyre (Musical Instrument)
  • Sun Disk
  • The Letter “E”
  • Golden Bow
  • Golden Arrow

Divine Numbers and Attributes:

  • Numbers: 5, 7, 20, 36*

  • Runes: Sowilo, Raidho, Kenaz*

  • Zodiac Sign of Power: Scorpio [Degrees of Ophiuchus]*

  • Divine Animal Symbol: Python [species of snake], Hawk, Dove, Dolphin*, Mockingbird*

Psalm of Azazel:


Psalm to Azazel

Divine Forces:
  • The Light
  • Music
  • Harmony
  • Law
  • Justice
  • Grace
  • Prophecy

Important Titles:
  • Lord Of The Light
  • Helios
  • Light Bringer
  • Heavenly Protector
  • Mousaios [Musician]
  • Divine Juror
  • Eternal Sun

[*]There is no problem to also casually refer to him as Azazel in linear speech. Azazel is of Arabic origin. The Hieratic Names are above and will give the best contact for spiritual works such as summoning.

Known As: AZAZEL aka ZAZEL, APOLLO (Greek; God of Shinning Sun), Mithra (Roman), Mitra/Surya (Vedic Period), LUGUS/LUGH (Irish/Welsh), SHAMASH (Babylonian), UTU (Sumerian; The Shining One),* SAMAS (Akkadian), BABBAR (Sumerian), Ashur (Assyrian), SHAMIYAH (Hathra), SAMYAZA, SEMJAZA, SEMIHAZAH, SEMIHAZAI, (As he appears in a lot of enemy literature, taken from Middle Eastern names and titles of the God), Japanese Susanoo-No-Mikoto, Aztec Huitzilopochtli

Azazel is one of these Gods that have been most popular in the Ancient World. A long standing and most powerful God, he has been followed by all of the Ancient Civilization.

Lord Azazel is a god of harmony, majesty, beauty, art and high spirituality. His strong association with the Sun is a principle that fits strongly into his statue and nature. Under all his manifestations, he has been a God of Justice. He strongly stands for people “paying their dues” and people “getting paid their due”, in a karmic way.

Azazel has given humanity many gifts. In many languages, the phrase still survives that “Nothing remains hidden under the Sun”. Utu, the Sumerian Name of the God, is credited with being able to see “everything that happens within the world”, but also observing of the relations between people towards one another. Apollo’s Oracle was consulted in Ancient Greece, on the soundness of laws and legal systems, so to that they would not be wrong or abusive to the citizens. [1, 2]

Alongside many other Pagan deities in many Pantheons, he was worshiped by the Ancient Greeks and many others under the very famous name “Apollo”. Apollo is not the specific God of the Sun in the sky as a heavenly body, but rather represents the majesty and power of the Sun. The literal Sun on the heavens is the God “Helios” in Ancient Greek. Helios, was also used as a title for Azazel, as in “Helios Apollo” or the “Apollo of the Sun”, to signify his major powers and high spiritual rank.

Apollo’s powers are many, but centered around the arts, music, medicine and prophecy. Prophecy is a very elaborate practice, involving all the divinatory arts, with which bestow on one the ability to tell the past, present or future. Each of this powers, has a lot of depth and analysis to it. It would take an encyclopedia to explain everything about Him, as Apollo is very rich in mysteries and knowledge. [3]

As Mithra, during the time of Romans, he was patron of the mysteries of Rome. There again, he was strongly associated with the Sun. In Mithraism, there were 7 levels of initiation. In the Vedic literature, he was called “Mitra”, again strongly associated with the Sun and the keeping of oaths.

In the symbolism of the Roman Mithra, we can see Azazel giving the light, laws, and handing over his hand as a gesture of help towards the initiate. His symbol as Apollo, that of the Python [also related to Kundalini] is being pointed at by the initiate, to the right.

In the same depiction, Azazel here appears armed, holding on one hand the sword. On the other hand, he communes with the human disciple in a friendly manner.  We also see one disciple, being "lifted" to the place of the God, who appears to be on a mountain or a cloud.

The Phrygian Cap worn by the initiates, is a very important symbol of the Mithraic rites. It symbolizes the opening of the consciousness. Like in many of his depictions, he has a Halo and a Solar Disk around his head.

The slaying of the Bull is symbolic of many things. The slaying of the bull, in an everyday perspective, is symbolic of the control over one's creative drives. On the inscription of the left, we also see the Sun and Moon Gods, symbolizing Union [unified by Mithra and the Bull]

Apollo is strongly associated with the sun rays, radiance of spiritual power. The titles given to the God have been many, extensive, and most esteemed and honorable. As Apollo he was given hundreds of glorifying epithets. He is a “God of Music”, the hidden meaning of music being the music of the planetary spheres or the higher levels of existence, represented by the seven musical octaves. These represent the rising levels towards enlightenment for the individual human being. [4]

In the deeper mysteries, Apollo is a most wise teacher of the Arts of Alchemy and the workings of the light of the soul. As Apollo, his instrument is the Lyre, symbolizing the knowledge of all the dimensions of the world symbolized by each of the seven respective cords of the Lyre, all of which correspond to one of the 7 main chakras. As a result, Azazel/Apollo was termed by Ancient Greek Philosopher Plutarch as the “inventor of music”, alongside Hermes or Thoth who created his lyrical instruments. The two Gods also share a very close relationship, based on strong friendship. Apollo can heal through music, a symbolism for the correct chanting of mantras into the soul but also literal music. Such “songs” were named “Pe-ans” by the Ancient Greeks. [5]

His rites, which were purificatory, dealt with the power of the sun to purify the human soul. Additionally, he was known to possess exceptional prophetic abilities, and he bestows the gift of looking into the future or extensive prophetic powers, being himself a God that is a master diviner. These abilities come from purifying and uplifting spiritually the Soul, by making use of the knowledge of the Gods. [6]

Plutarch, a most prominent Greek philosopher and Pagan theologian writes about our esteemed God in his work “In regards to the Delpic Epsilon”:

Our beloved Apollo heals the woes of our lives, solving them by the giving of oracles to all those who will ask him, while he himself sets inside us and gives rise of spiritual longings in philosophers, to ask necessary questions towards the correct knowledge [logos] - he does this by making our soul open to the truth, something obvious in many other things [relating to the God], but also obvious in his choice for the letter E to represent him.” [7]

The pronunciation of the letter “E”, was what one had to say upon entering and exiting the temple of Apollo in Delphi. The choice of this letter was considered a great mystery of the God. The letter was pronounced exactly like the word “Hey” of today, a common greeting between people who speak English but also other languages. The word “Ei” in Ancient Greek [which was used for the greeting inside Apollo’s Temple], had however another spiritual notion. It translated as “That which truly is”, a sublime parable of the power of “existing”. [8] The letter E is strongly symbolized in his Sigil, too. The relation between the letter E and his temple is illustrated clearly here on the coin.

Temple of Apollo in Delphi,
Coin symbolic of the Temple
The remains of the Temple in Delphi,
Greece today

On the entrance to the Temple of Delphi, there were inscriptions of wisdom. Three of these were on the entrance.

The First One: "KNOW THYSELF" The Second One: "NOTHING IN EXCESS" The Third One: "Pledge [Certainty], Then Calamity"

A most important occult statement, adopted for thousands of years by all mystery schools.

Here, Apollo describes the importance of meditation and knowing yourself. Without self-understanding, there is no wisdom.

Excess here describes a situation of imbalance and lack of harmony on either side of lacking in something, or overabundance that causes disharmony, and therefore damage.

This "excess" is also a code-word for the balance of the soul.

This statement, translates to “A pledge, then a calamity”.

This is the most cryptic of the three statements.

This statement warns strongly against being deluded on false certainty, which can later bring calamity.

It warns to not “pledge” one’s self  to rumors or false ideals. Only if Christians took heed of this advice...

Going back to the Oaths, Mithra was also strongly identified, like all other names of Azazel, with the ability to take oaths and keep them. The oaths not only relate to literal oaths, but the oaths of silence in the Ancient Mystery schools. As Lugus for the Irish, he was also the God of bright vibrancy and the keeper of the oaths. Same are the relations on his Vedic identity as Mitra. [9]

Today, a very common practice of giving an Oath towards the Gods, is the Oath where all doctors give [clearly associated with the healing powers of Apollo/Azazel], the Hippocratic Oath. Despite of what modern doctors follow in their practices, the oath is true and binding.

In modern “Demonology”, Apollo has been slandered as “Apollyon” and appears as such in many “Grimoires”. This is a blasphemy and the word Apollyon means “he who goes away” or “he who gets thrown away”. This allusion is also about Azazel’s Goat, which is “thrown” from a cliff in the blood rituals Hebrews do yearly, to rebuke Azazel. While Apollo means all the positive things mentioned above, the word “Apollyon” serves as blasphemy to the God. Apollo was also known to send the curse of locusts on his enemies, and three Emperors that did severe damage to the enemy, were closely connected to Apollo. Christians to this day understand that the “Apollyon” figure in the Bible was one of “Satan’s Subordinates”, and a very powerful God that they also admit ruled over Rome, and empire built by the “Forces of Hell”. [10]

Even in the enemy texts of defamation, Azazel, going under the enemy given title of “Semihazah” which means “The Great Rebellion”, takes an oath with other Demons so that they carry out the revolt against the tyranny of the enemy, while Azazel says he will take the responsibility himself. Azazel, in opposition to the injustice of the enemy to sink us spiritually, resisted. He was as thus slandered for protecting mankind against the enemy. [11] The same is also reflected in how Apollo also joined the rest of the “Olympians” against the “Giants” or impure spirits in Gigantomachy, where Apollo takes arms to defend the other Gods.

Regardless, this myth reveals that Apollo actually “descended” on a mortal wife and gave her a son, the name of the woman being titled in the myth as “Coronis”. [12] The name “Coronis”, implies the Greek Word for Crown, so that is an allegory. Azazel in all enemy literature is attacked strongly for "Descending" downwards to help mankind. This has to do with the arrival of the Gods a very, very long time ago. Important to know, is that Azazel fathered a son with a physical wife, who was later called a Demi-God named Asclepius. Asclepius is the father of modern medicine and healing arts. Asclepius’s symbol is also the symbol of his father, the entwined Python.

A most famous disciple and considered “Son” of the blessed God, was “Apollonius” of Tyana. Upon the myth of Apollonius, who was a miracle worker and man who reached the Godhead, but also full immortality. Apollonius never died. All the writings, teachings and instructions of Apollonius, were later, after copious perversion and forgery, falsely accredited to the non existent character named “Jesus”. These include teachings such as “The Kingdom of God is within” and other occult statements. Of course, these were also common knowledge in the Mystery Schools of the time.

The Name of Apollonius means “He of Apollo”, as thus he was called “Apollonius” of Tyana. The kindness and good of Azazel is great, and the gifts he bestows are numerous towards his disciples. Apollonius was known beyond any doubt to have become a God, with extensive powers related to Apollo, such as extreme wisdom, oracular ability, god-like levels of divination, but also many other powers. He was recognized of being a God by all the Ancient Priesthoods of the time. He was loved by all and traveled in Rome, the Middle East, Far East, India, Egypt and Ancient Greece, giving teachings, spiritual knowledge, and promoting mystical knowledge. He was hailed as a living “God”. Apollonius was a commoner, nor a king nor anything else. Yet, his intense love for Apollo and his extreme spiritual diligence, gained him all the glory of the known world at the time. It was considered that inside him lived literally an aspect of the God Apollo.

Apollonius reached a spiritual level that is of the Gods, capable of all sorts of miracles. Towards the end of his life, he was that spiritually advanced, that he was reported to be able to raise the dead, or do what we presently call as “Teleportation” or "Bi-Location". These far surpassed the “miracles” claimed by the hoax of “Jesus”. The enigmatic figure of Apollonius, was loved by everyone – no matter where he went, people flocked to listen to his sermons, and he was adored by all people.

He spread healing and positivity everywhere he went. Leaders of the time bowed to Apollonius and his massive wisdom, many recognizing him as a god in the flesh, while even more leaders wrote epistles to him. There are surviving fragments of his replies to him. Apollonius left behind a major wealth of written knowledge, that was burned and destroyed by the enemy.

Apollonius was called a "Demonic Magician" by the Church, and demonized. [13]

In contrast to the enemy hoax of Jesus, which is even claimed that he was literally stoned and “crucified” by the Ancient Pagans of the time, Apollonius was indeed believed into and loved. Because of the extensive influence Apollonius had, the Christian Church destroyed all knowledge and mention about Apollonius, and where it didn’t remove all of it, it simply replaced it with the lowest slander. Apollonius was called a “goetic magician” by the Early Christian Church, and he was defamed and ridiculed to extends that few people have. This was an attempt to defame him, no different than how they did this on the literal Gods of the Ancient People’s themselves.

Nobody loved “Jesus” whatsoever – the hoax had to be founded on the blood of the innocents, mostly shed centuries after “in his name” by mad emperors, and of course character murder of the true “Messiahs” such as Apollonius of Tyana. The empire of “jesus” was built solely on blood.

As Apollonius was slandered as a man and was replaced by “Jesus”, so did of course Apollo get slandered to no end by the enemy. Azazel was renamed to a title, and still, the Hebrews to this day hold the most special hatred and resentment for him.

The Name "Azazel" that the enemy has been calling this God, is based on two separate words. It is merely a title, and not the actual Name of the Deity. These were Azaz and EL. Numerous blasphemous interpretations have been written about this Name as with any other Name of the Gods by the enemy, yet their meaning remains clear even in present day Arabic of Middle Eastern languages.

The word “Azaz” relates to meanings about “power” or “extreme power”. The word "EL" simply means "God", but commonly translates to "Light". However, God here is a code-word for the spiritual light. These two words put together, are to signify Azazel's extreme power and spiritual brilliance; his power of the Light. Further revealed is the power and high rank of Azazel, as many of the enemy texts do refer to him as the "Leader of the Hosts of Evil", ie, the Gods. His position of high importance, like in the Pagan Pantheon, is openly recognized by the enemy too. Azazel’s Name in the enemy literature, is also described as “Azael”, meaning “He who God Strengthens”. This is a code word again for the light. He is also “condemned” and attacked for giving the “Secrets of the Heavens” to mankind, or spiritual knowledge. [14]

There are few Demons that are as powerful as Azazel, and Azazel is very high ranking and loyal to Satan, Astarte, Beelzebul and all other Gods. It's also stated that he is so important in this hierarchy, that the enemy centers many of their attacks specifically on Azazel, because they recognize his superior power and higher rank, but also how many of the Gods thrive under him. They know that if “Azazel befalls” them, it will be over for them. [15]

Except of being reduced to a mere "Demon", the enemy is so insistent to try to hide against Azazel's power that they have devoted one of their most important Religious Holidays [Yom Kippur] in direct full on attack against the God Azazel. A Goat is brutalized during these dates, where ritualistic rites, curses and abuse are done on it by the Abrahamics. The goat is left desolate to die, or thrown off a cliff, to die a slow and painful death. The symbolism of the Goat is symbolic of both the Pagan cultures, yet there are many other more cryptic messages into this ritual attack that is conducted yearly by the Abrahamics. [16]

Apollo, in the external world, represents the protection of children and is patron of children and their education. Apollo was called “Apollo Kourothrophos”, implying he is the nurturer and protector of the children. He was considered a force that helps them grow into adulthood and protects children during this time in their life. The “Child” here is also a code word for the new soul that arises from meditation, progressively growing and reaching enlightenment or maturity. In the linear world, he protects and oversees children and their growth, but also education so that they become full adults. [17]

Followers of the Abrahamic barbaric programs, do for the above reason of trying to escape justice, practice rituals to try to defend themselves from Azazel's judgement. It’s to be left on the thinking of the readers why this is the case, knowing the history of the Catholic Church, the Vatican and Hebrews and their thousand years old history of abusing minors and underage people sexually. Mohammed, the "prophet" of the Quran and his wife that was less than 9 years old, have something to testify here.

As Satan is rebuked because his name means “Eternal Truth” in Sanskrit, so is Azazel rebuked in the opposition of the enemy to the collective splendor and Justice oriented nature of Paganism. The enemy religions preach lawlessness, excusing crimes indefinitely, turning the other cheek and so on.

Azazel is also the deliverer of Justice. While he bestows many gifts to his disciples and people, he can be the exact reverse when it comes to the enemies of the Gods. He can bring very dark calamities, and as bright and beautiful he can be in his loving face, so dark and bleak can the curses he casts on his enemies be. The power of Apollo to curse was symbolized by his bow, with which he flung darts onto his enemies. Socrates in Plato’s work refers to this power as his power to “Cast Darts”, which can bring major damage to enemies. [18] On the contrary, Apollo is a strong protector for those of the Gods, averting evil from reaching them. [19]

The statue on the left is one of the greatest forms of fine art the world has ever seen. It is called "Apollo Belvedere" and it currently resides in the Vatican. Even the Vatican could never pass by as a construct worth existing, without stealing the artwork of the Gods and the Ancients.

The beauty of Apollo is so extensive, that still the phrase "Apollonian Body" is a phrase that is commonly used to describe aesthetic perfection. Apollo represents a very strong balance between being a man but having beautiful grace.

Apollo was regularly called "Uranios" which means "Heavenly", as in Heavenly Apollo. The title except of a spiritual title, is also pointing to the beauty of this God. For centuries, Apollo was considered one of the ultimate types of human beauty and perfection.

In our modern world, Apollo remains a major inspiration for us humans collectively. NASA's most important mission to get to the moon, was named after the God Apollo. It was also the first successful mission of landing on the moon. Except of reaching the starry heavens in this manner, Apollo still remains an inspiration for those who want to reach the heavens in their souls. 

Those who partake in the spiritual communion with this God will find all the power shining strongly above them.



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