Ascending Energy Meditation

1. Lie down and begin by stimulating yourself to orgasm. Right at the point of the impending climax, visualize a fiery brilliant bright light at your perineum (the area between your rectum and testicles for men; or between the rectum and vagina for women).

2. Inhale and direct the energy from the orgasm while you are climaxing, up your spine. You should visualize this as a bright white-gold light.* Draw the energy up your spine to the crown chakra where it lights it up and empowers it, emerging from the top of your head and into your eighth gold chakra. Brighten your eighth gold chakra.

3. Expand your eighth chakra into a ball approximately two feet in diameter (60 cm).

4. Exhale and expand the energy from your eighth chakra and then direct it to descend down each side of your body, down through the bottoms of your feet and back up to your base chakra where you inhale it again.

5. Inhale and draw it in again at the base chakra, lighting it up and empowering it upon entering and then visualize it ascending your spine again and repeat the above steps 2-5. With each circulation, you can expand your aura with the energy.

The orgasm gets the energy going and you can keep circulating it for as long as you wish.

Always direct the energy up out your crown. The above pathway is the normal pathway for energy surrounding the aura.


*White-gold is the most powerful of the colors as it is of the sun. Satan has a gold aura.


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