“Satan” – The Falsehood Anti-Christian Doctrine

The average Christian or Muslim, never spends time to read their “holy books”. They only parrot certain canned statements, without even making indepth research about their “beliefs”.

Even in these books, Father Satan does not appear to be “evil” or as close as “evil” to the “God” they claim to believe in so ardently. Satan is still, even in enemy doctrines, far more innocent and far better than their “Gods” which preach Jihad, religious wars, or cause natural disasters to annihilate humanity.

In THEIR works even, there are no commands to slay believers of other religions, or threats of eternal hellfire issued by Satan.

Reading about Satan in the Bible or Quran, is essentially reading the definition and claims of His enemies against Him. The reasoning behind these claims is one of oppositional nature, therefore, slander and ill representation of Satan is happening all the time in the doctrines of the enemy.

All of these sources, have a common root in Ancient Judaism. Ancient Judaism is a religion that arose as a reaction against the religions of the surrounding people’s of the Ancient Jews – to name a few, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Ancient Greeks, the Babylonians and all those who were later defined on as “Satanic” in the doctrines of the Jews.

Jews have written copious pseudepigraphical history that is debated to that date, about the religious tenets of these Satanic faiths and systems of spirituality. The slander never ends. Satan stands in the center of this slander.

Albeit Satan appears as a brave being, even in the works of his enemies, that wages a war of defiance in the face of the tyrranical “God” of the jews, many are missing the point and are still engrossed in the cultural representation of the Jews about this topic.

The above is deliberate and enforced; the enforcing of this negative and evil paradigm is paramount for these Abrahamic religions to “survive”. They need an enemy, and they have picked the most important code words of Ancient languages to malform their meaning and turn Ancient Gods of their cultural enemies from Good Gods, to monstrosities that are “Kings of Evil”.

If anything, these representations mean nothing else but to serve the opinions and interests of the Jewish people at the time. Due to religious warfare and propaganda, they have convinced the population and popular opinion, that their views on these subjects are authoritative or true. But they are neither of these.

After aeons of disinformation which has it’s root in Jewish Doctrines, many people all over the world, in defiance of Abrahamic Religions, Christianity or Islam, have done what is claimed to be “Done by the Satanists”, again in accordance to Jewish Doctrines and opinions.

From that erroneous thinking, many have been misguided to participate in numerous defiled actions, which do not represent the True Gods or their Ancient Religions, but rather a mere oppositional behavior that is still based on the tenets or opinions of the Jews.

As that narrative is very useful to the enemy, who uses this as an excuse to “prove true” their falsehoods, they espouse this in society and promote it everywhere, to overshadow the reality about the Gods.

Debaucheries of the “Elite” of this world, clown television shows, ghoul dressed individuals, or simple “reactionaries” against the Jewish Doctrine are promoted everywhere, in order for the jews to sustain their lies. It is a very common practice that members of Judaism or Jews themselves, participate ardently in defiling Satan and the Gods through misrepresentation, because this is an act of both mockery and insult against the Gods.

In all of these acts these beings pretend are in “Satan’s Name”, they use the Hebrew Kabbalah, or other books of slander and sources of slander to support their diseased acts.

Modern “Occultists” like Eliphas Levi or the mentally disturbed Aleister Crowley or others, were immersed in Jewish Mysticism, while pretending to be disciples of Satan or the Gods. That vilification has been promoted by Christians, Muslims and followers of Judaism, since it conforms with the paradigms they have set that are rife with negativity, evil and misrepresentation.

Jewish holywood on the other hand, has worked overtime to misrepresent Satan in every way possible, through promoting degeneracy, halloween monstrosities and anything that would reaffirm their own falsely define paradigm about the Gods.

Everything scary, evil and defiled, has been promoted as “Satanism” in the media and popular opinion. That keeps the lie going, but none of it is actually True.

Spiritual Satanism is not related to these topics whatsoever, nor Satan authors, condones or espouses any of these detestable behaviors. They represent sacrilege against the Ancient Gods, and they are all abominations.

We stand opposed to these and whomever tries to approach Father Satan through these misguided and evil methods, invites slander upon Satan and upon themselves. The Gods will use retribution against those who fall into these categories. It’s the greatest mistake to misrepresent Satan or the Gods, and that is unacceptable for us Spiritual Satanists.

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