Ancient Wisdom

The original religions were quite different from the false religions of today. The original religions taught self-reliance and strength of mind and spirit.

Thoth wrote, "A soul's outcome in the afterlife is based upon knowledge." "Knowledge of past lives can be acquired by breathing exercises, which recall the memory of the soul."

Breathing exercises empower the aura and stimulate the Kundalini Serpent of Satan. Kundalini knocks down walls in the mind. All of the original religions placed great emphasis on the serpent. The serpent is symbolic of the force known as 'kundalini' that lies coiled at the base of the spine. The serpent is also symbolic of healing and of life. Thoth said, in the afterlife, the question that lay ahead was "How well the deceased person had established truth in his or her lifetime, against the powers of evil."

We all know how Christianity and its cohorts promote lies and strive to keep people ignorant and deprived of true spirituality. Victims of these religions are cut off from the spirit world and any gifts they might have. How many individuals can astral project their soul from their body to actually experience the astral? The astral is a place they will surely go when they die. Many Satanists have this ability and are knowledgeable and familiar with the astral. This is a gift from Satan and a definite help when one leaves one's body permanently. Satan is the bringer of knowledge.

Truth is looking at life through your own eyes. We learn the truth for ourselves, while outsiders remain ignorant and cut off from any spiritual guidance.

Another question of Thoth was, "Did the deceased embrace life enough to be able to live again in death?" Life is for living, learning and experiencing to the fullest. Judeo/Christianity and its cohorts, again, work to prevent this. The more you live, learn and experience, the more competent you become; Satan wants us to become self-sufficient.

"Did the deceased develop a strong enough character to continue his or her personality?"
Strength is so important. Our character is tested when we give our souls to Father Satan. Here we take one of the most courageous steps of our lives. Most of us go up against lies we have been forcibly indoctrinated with throughout our lives with bold defiance. Here we show our true character, that we are not manipulated by fears, threats, and things we truly do not understand. This is a huge spiritual step in liberation of the self and soul.

"Is the heart of the deceased truly open spiritually?" Again, as Satanists, all of us have proven we are open spiritually. We have not cut ourselves off as those of other religions have who refuse to question or explore anything outside of what they have been taught.

Thoth said, "Knowledge gives the power to act in truth and causes life, while ignorance blinds the sight and causes death."
"Death is the result of ignorance, alone." "A human being needs a map to travel both in this lifetime and beyond."

"How can you travel in life after death without knowing the way?"
"The wickedness of the soul is ignorance and the virtue of the soul is knowledge."
"Live your life and you will never die."

Father Satan and his Demons share this knowledge. Look back at how you have grown spiritually, since coming to Satan.

Mastery of all areas of magick is essential. With black magick, we learn how to defend ourselves and exact justice, psychically. This is the most difficult to master and the most rewarding, as we become liberated and fearless. We become confident in our own abilities, as we can be formidable enemies. We no longer have to take abuse or other injustice.

The Demons are all the Original Gods, most were very friendly with and spent much time with humans. Considerably outnumbered, they were hated, banished, and cursed by the other Gods for sharing knowledge with humans.

Many ancient tablets and libraries were burned, destroying all information in an attempt to sever any human contact with the Old Gods who promoted wisdom and learning.

Most of the Old Gods were made into monsters, Demons and every nefarious image imaginable in an attempt to destroy any and all relationships with humans.

As many of you are finding, your Demon guides are very friendly and open to contact with you. They wish to help you learn and grow spiritually and become strong competent Satanists.

Thoth also wrote: "Human beings must become enlightened in order to find their way in the dark. Becoming enlightened means becoming smart travelers, who acquire knowledge of the way, an understanding of the local language and friendship with other travelers. We are all travelers in eternity."

Father Satan and his Demons are willing to help us. We should be very thankful.

This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

The Illustrated Egyptian Book of the Dead: a New Translation with Commentary
by Ramses Seleem, 2001.

Papyrus of Ani

Papyrus of Hunefer

Papyrus of Enhai

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