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Many people who call themselves "Satanists," and this particular point of view is very strong in the Church of Satan, believe they are already "Gods." Some people even go as far as to claim that humanity is "God."

Well, "God," then why is humanity in such a mess? Do you know your future, EXACTLY? What will happen tomorrow or a year from now? Can you accurately foretell the futures of your loved ones? Do you have the power ALONE to determine your own destiny? Can you heal yourself? Can you stop yourself from aging or from feeling pain? Can you move or levitate physical objects or yourself for that matter? Can you control the results of the actions and the decisions you make?

Thanks to Father Satan, we all have within ourselves the ability to achieve Godhead, but how many people REALLY know how? Extreme discipline and dedication are required every day.

Unfortunately, humanity misses the boat in this matter. Most humans, thanks to Christianity and related programs are at square one. Few people have enough REAL knowledge and power to determine their own destinies by themselves. Once a decision is made, or an action is taken, one has no real control over the outcome. We can often choose our actions, but not the results of those actions. We are also at the mercy of the actions and reactions of others, of governments, acts of nature, our physical selves, and so forth.

Most people have not empowered their third eye, crown chakra and other psychic centers to see and experience the astral realm and the beings that dwell therein. There is much we do not experience through our five senses that directly influences our lives and the world around us.

As a professional Astrologer, psychic and Tarot card reader for over 25 years, I am VERY familiar with "fate." An atheist walks a very lonely road; I did so for 15 years. Although I practiced mind training and attempted to influence matters by myself, the results were always less than what I had expected. Fate always intervened in one way or another. A friend of mine, who was also into the occult; we got to talking one day- "well, why is it that things are hit and miss?" There was no explanation' "we don't know." He was an atheist as well. Life was meaningless and unpredictable. Futility and depression were always on our tails so to speak. Oh, I fought back and hurt some of my enemies on sheer willpower and mind control alone, but this did nothing to improve my life, other than provide me with some pleasure in knowing that they got what they deserved.

I don't know how many times, we hear the word "force." There are many different "forces." Light is a force, composed of tiny particles called photons. Then we have x-rays, gamma rays, infrared rays, and so on. An earthquake or volcano, or tornado, generates a tremendous amount of "force." Then there is the "life force," also known as 'bioelectricity,' this is also a "force." These "forces" do not think, feel, have emotions, or make decisions by themselves. A "force" is impersonal. No "force" is a separate living being with reasoning, emotion, decision-making capabilities, nor does it act in various manners according to conscious choosing by itself. Any idiot with even a vestige of extra-sensory ability knows Satan and his Demons are not "forces" but are real beings.

Here I sit, dumbfounded again. Two Days ago, my eldest son came to me worried sick. He lost his job unjustifiably over two months ago [the manager who canned him is REALLY paying for this, Thank you, Father Satan!!]. He is thousands of dollars in debt and making only half of his former salary. It was early in the morning, after 7 am [we both work third shift]. Needless to say, I was worried sick- utility shut offs, etc. I got down on my knees before the altar I made for Father Satan; I was still in my street clothes. I asked him to help and told him I trusted him to work it out in his own way. My son now has several thousand dollars cash in his hand, more than enough to pay all of the bills in full. All of this was obtained legally, with no payback expected.

The first book I read about Satanism was the Satanic Bible. I did this out of extreme upset that Christians had caused me. Where can I get away from these totally inconsiderate and harassing idiots?? I was still an atheist. One night on the internet, while visiting a Satanic website, I read- "light a candle, sit and ask is Satanism for me?" I was an atheist, I didn't light a candle, I just said it in my head. Things started to change all right. Over this time period, Satan has worked to establish a strong, trusting relationship with me. Satan is NOT "just a force." He is a very compassionate, caring, loving and benevolent being with those who are dedicated to him.

Satan has shown me love; He is the only one I have found whom I can totally trust. I have seen his miracles. He has calmed me when I was upset, and has comforted me. I have felt his beautiful love. I came home chilled one morning. I had to walk home from work in the mornings, which was about a mile and the temperatures in the winter were well below zero, along with a harsh wind-chill. This was nothing new. Going to sleep normally, I would warm up gradually. He put a warm aura all around me, head to toe as I was going to sleep and I felt his warmth and love. I have had so many experiences; too many to mention here.

Satan is a literal being; he is NOT a "force." There are very highly evolved beings in this universe, they are known to us as 'Gods.

Under the direction of Yaweh/Jehova, knowledge of the original Gods and the methods for humanity to achieve equality with the Gods was destroyed. Many ancient libraries, millions of scrolls, tablets and books were burned. The Christian church has worked overtime at suppressing the truth, through intense indoctrination and through resorting to torture and mass murder when proselytizing and coercion failed. Humanity is nowhere near Godhead. These nefarious human-hating programs for enslavement have prevented us from evolving in the area of mind ability and power. Most extra-terrestrials are highly adept as they were born this power already manifest.

Very few people have the ability to manipulate their environments using only the powers of their mind. The human race is at a major disadvantage that renders us helpless against other beings and entities that are highly evolved and adept in the uses of the powers of their minds and souls.

These skills can only be achieved through guidance from Satan and his Demons who are the original Gods. We all have a long way to go.

What really upsets me is how many of our own people treat our God, Satan. We have the strongest, most beautiful, loving, generous, and caring God there is.

Christians create beautiful churches, cathedrals, sing beautiful hymns, Muslims bow down before "Allah" 5 times a day, Buddhists construct beautiful elaborate temples, worship and burn incense. What do these "Gods" do? The Christian "God" shits on all of his followers, as does Mr. "Allah." Buddha does nothing. In addition, worshippers, especially Christians and Muslims focus their energies upon death and tie into very ugly, murderous and destructive negative energy that has acted to damn all of humanity and this earth as a whole.

Here we have with Father Satan- many psychically incompetent people claim, "Oh, he's just a force." We have very little praise and thanksgiving rituals. It's always me, me, me! I want this! I want that! People receive things of which they ask from Satan and they never even stop to say thank you. They foolishly make demands and commands. These teachings come from the old Judeo/Christian authored grimoires that have been for centuries, advocating spiritual abuse and promoting extreme disrespect for Satan and his Demons.

Some fools go as far to try to "conjure" Lucifer. Some ignorant next to nothing in importance, tries to summon him like a servant to fix a sorry love life. This extreme disrespect has gone on for centuries. Like the character in the movie, "The Ninth Gate" said- "Orgies of aging flesh, conducted in the Master's Name."

On a video tape of an Anton LaVey ritual, a woman rubs her genitals on a religious icon. Anyone who calls himself or herself a Satanist should be long past acting out sexual hang-ups. Save the orgies for afterwards.

Satan appeared to a journalist in 1960 and stated that he did not like the way he was being worshipped. He went on to mention "a lunatic in his basement with the shades down." He stated that he had already won the fight for the earth. There are things that need to change in the way people relate to him. He and the Demons have been subjected to such insulting and disrespectful treatment that has gone on for centuries. "Oh, he's just a force."

As for those people who believe they are already "gods' and do little or nothing to empower themselves," try doing your magick as a total atheist, by yourself. I find it so hypocritical how so-called "Satanists" who refuse to acknowledge Satan as a real being call upon him and his Crowned Princes of Hell in their rituals.

NOTE* The sermon above was written many years ago. The enemy knows Satan and our Original Pagan Gods are very real. The enemy tries to convince the populace that Satan is only 'a force.' Satan knows everything about the enemy, and can destroy the enemy. This is why the enemy works relentlessly to try to remove all spiritual ability and knowledge from the populace and replace it with lies, and above all, keep people from Satan. 'The All is One' is another slogan of the enemy. This slogan has infested many New Age articles and is the root of communism. Christianity and Islam lead followers to accept communism. The sole purpose of Christianity and Islam is to prepare followers for total obedience and to readily accept slavery. Communism [which is nothing more than a slave state] has mass-murdered, tortured and destroyed innocent human lives totaling over the hundred-million mark. This is no different from the Inquisition. The names and the faces change, but it is still the same people who are of the enemy. Satan stands for freedom, individuality, diversity and rebellion against tyranny.

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