Abraxas: Hieratic Information

The knowledge presented in this page is advanced and contains information for those who want to get to know Abraxas more in depth. There is also the containing of hieratic [deeply spiritual] knowledge necessary to connect better with Abraxas.

In regards to additional information on Divine Names, these are Names which are the numerologically sound Divine Names to use for Summoning and Invocation:

Divine Names:

  • [*]Abrasax [Pronounced Ab-Ra-Sax]

  • [*]Abraxas [Pronounced Ab-Ra-XAS]

*The Xas and Sax have a hidden connotation

on which the disciple of Abrasax can meditate upon,

related to his sigil.

Divine Symbols:
  • Scepter
  • Whip
  • Rooster Head
  • Sun and Moon
  • Cups

Divine Numbers and Attributes:

  • Numbers: 0, 1, 100*

  • Runes: [In that order of importance]: Perthro, Eihwaz

  • Zodiac Sign of Power: Aries/Gemini

  • Divine Animal Symbol: The Rooster

Psalm of Abrasax:

Honorary/Invocatory Psalm to Abraxas

Honorary Ritual of Abrasax:

Group Ritual

Divine Forces:

  • Physical Reality
  • Balance
  • Good and Evil
  • Sun and Moon
  • Truth And Falsehood

Important Titles:

  • Great Aeon

  • The Primordial One

  • Master Of The Pleroma


As High Priestess Maxine has written in her personal experience with Abraxas, the God has went on in history and ended up in enemy “Demonology” as the name under the name “Decarabia” or straight up as “Abrasax”.

Abrasax is a very slandered God, albeit as with many others his roots not easily yet existing for tracing in our history. This history can be traced up until a point, yet from there on the origins of Abrasax remain unclear. Yet in all remaining information, we can tell how extremely important and most secretive the knowledge of this God is.

The Name of Abrasax appears in Ancient magickal texts, fragments and amulets. His Name, like the Names of other Demons seems to have fallen under great theft, but also has been used by many people as Abrasax was widely famous in the Ancient World. Due to enemy misinformation, much of this information about the Great God has been lost.

Certain sects whose worship was situated around Abrasax, have not only been grossly misrepresented in history, but also faced death and permanent extermination by the Church for doing so. The origins of the claimed “Gnostics” which oftentimes appear when one researches Abrasax are not as many people think.

For more knowledge on this matter of the two sects of Gnostics that were most vocal about being disciples of Abrasax and the origins of the God in Mithraic litanies, having inherited knowledge about Abrasax from Egyptian and Ancient Greek sources, click the link below.

The Followers of Abraxas: The Gnostic Students & Satanic Origins

Abraxas: A Name Analysis

Abrasax is a most mysterious God. For us to approach and see more information about him, we will visit the already existing testaments of Abrasax’s information.

First and foremost, the very words “Α-Β-Ρ-Α-Σ-Α-Ξ” in Ancient Greek Numerology, do add up to 365. This most important number is very significant, showing both a strong Ancient Greek origin to this Name, but also revealing the fact that Abrasax is related to the notion of the full circle of the human year, which is exactly 365 days.

Mystically, the correlation with the 365, relates to the 360 degrees of the perfect circle, with the added 5 elements of creation. On this knowledge alone, the initiate of Spiritual Satanism must know that Abrasax is actually representing the symbolic power of the whole 360 degrees of the Zodiac Wheel, representing life itself. [1]

More specifically, the Zodiac Wheel represents strongly “everything that is in life”, which Abrasax lords over. In Enochian, a claimed language of the Ancients from the time of the Nephilim, gives to “Abraassa” which is very close to Abrasax, the translation of “provider”. That is a code, meaning that Abrasax acts as a provider in the universal power and force.

Because of the two realities incumbent in the above, Abrasax is called “The Aeon”, in Ancient Greek relating to the “Megas Eniautos” or the “Great Cosmic Year” of the procession of the aeons through the Zodiac signs, a time which takes about 25920 earthly years. Abrasax is symbolically represented as a God of this process, linking him as a patron for astrologers. [2]

In regards to the Amulets and Stones, Encyclopedia Brittanica [1981, Greek Version, Tome 1] writes: “Abrasax, the mysterious word, that has been used in apotropaic [protection from evil], or harmful [causing evil] was found carved on many phylacteries…“ Then, in the same section it continues: “The use of this word has been used in many prayers, Christian, Coptic, or of other religions.”

The reason why the Name of this Demon is so widely used, is because of it being a word of power, but the exact way of it’s use has been lost in the centuries, hidden behind cryptic symbols.

According to Ancient myth writers, Abrasax was or is a Demon that is placed alongside the Egyptian Deities. The word “Abracadabra” is postulated to come from the word Abraxas. In the beginning, this word was a word that was used in the Gnostic System to symbolize the cycles of creation, in a deeper notion it is used as a word for God. [3]

Abraxas in Egypt was the God Khonsu, one of the Gods of the Moon and Time, closely related with Thoth with whom they fashioned and mapped out the heavens and astrology together into information that mankind could use. Abrasax closely works with Thoth.

Minerology and knowledge of stones is also symbolically related to Abrasax, as written also in enemy literature under the name “Decarabia”. As thus, many stones and phylacteries of precious stones have been found belonging to Abrasax, known as the infamous “Abraxas stones”.

To understand about Abrasax further, we have to delve into the symbolism oftentimes credited to him.


On the left, we can see the symbolism
of Abrasax as a serpent, with a Lion’s head.
The importance here lies on the fact that
 the body of the serpent symbolizes the Kundalini Energy.

The knot beneath him making the perfect 8,
 or the symbol of infinity, represents the ever
existing flow of this energy on which there is no beginning
 or end.
Deciphered on the right amulet,
we can see the middle pole of consciousness,
residing in human beings in the spine.

Every one of the three serpents hanging from this pole,
 represents the parts of the soul that
 relate to the “Watchtowers” or the Hips,
Shoulders, and Temples of the human body.

On the bottom, we too have the same letters
 as the shield on the right,
which are Ancient Greek Letters,
symbolizing the union of the female elements
 of the soul into one aspect.

Here we can see
Abraxas in human-like
form, as he appears
to his close disciples.

The four crowns on his head are
symbolic of the 7 powers
or the Chakras, which
come out of the Head of Abraxas,
a symbol for the human mind [NOUS]
or higher soul.

The open palm, is
 a symbol for creating an opening.

Most important iconography for Abrasax is this one.

The two snakes that are symbolic of
the feet of Abrasax, have to do with the
 twin elements of the kundalini force
and the polarities of life and death.

The head of the Rooster is again the most
important symbolism
 for Abrasax,
as the Rooster is the animal who wakes up first
compared to all
others to the rising sun,
 or becomes aware of enlightenment.
Roosters also are related to
exceptional creative power.

Lastly, the whip is a symbol of the active
force and brutal force Abrasax can enact,
 while the Shield is symbolic of
 the defense and three letters
that symbolize a trinity.

The three letters on the Shield of Abrasax also
have to do with the union of the
Female Elements of the Soul.
The Greek Goddess of the Moon was called “IO”
with the letters written on the shield,
with the A symbolizing union of female elements.

Abrasax’s Sigil – The Cycles Of Existence

"All the sigils of the Demons of Satan are symbols of very important Gods that have survived in aeons to teach those who are wise of strong spiritual messages.

The symbol of the Sigil of Abrasax is most holy and powerful. What will be explained on this small commentary on his sigil is just some hidden codes within it. Spiritual Satanists are to be initiated and expand their understanding, so writing more advanced information here is necessary.

Abrasax can teach all the mysteries of the Moon, which are endless, including provide knowledge about everything that has to do with the cycles of the Moon and therefore the cycles to do about any working. Likewise, his Sigil is important and he teaches astrology, something which can be decoded from his Sigil.

The Two Moon Sigils above and below, respectively reveal the cycles of the Moon. One represents the Waning Moon, while the other Moon below it, the Waxing Moon. These two are related and connected through the poles of the Sigil which are equal, and divide in four corners, representing the Four Seasons as we know them, Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer respectively.

The Left Symbol with the Moon with the line on the Right, is symbolic of the sphere outside of the planets or the so called “Astrological Sphere”, away from the Moon. This further symbolizes the power to do workings and astrology as a science, relating to the meaning of the whole sigil. The equal armed cross on the right represents the Four Directions of the human soul microcosmically, representing inner work and meditation to complete the Soul. *

The above is only the beginning of the interpretation of this Sigil, and further contemplation will be required by the initiate to see other hidden meanings within the Sigil itself.

I do sincerely hope I have done some justice to our most esteemed Demon Abrasax through this page. His mysteries are many and those who will seek them will receive from him in Satan’s name and power."

Page By Priest Hooded Cobra 666


1. In the System of Greek Isosephy.

2. Well known things of Astrology, sourced in the Vedic texts.

3. Dictionary of Angels, Gustav Davidson, translated from the Greek edition. Be aware that this book is written from an enemy standpoint.

*All of this is from Beelzebul and Abraxas

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