The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth dimension is what we experience when we astral project, communicate telepathically, or experience in an altered state.

When someone breaks a limb, the limb is placed in a cast. When the cast is removed, the limb is withered, shriveled, and needs rehabilitation in order to retain its former range of movement and strength.

Meditation opens a part of our mind that has been defunct in most of the population. Centuries of Christian control have made most of us unaware of the fourth dimension, as spiritual knowledge has been systematically removed and suppressed. As humans, we can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Insects can see ultraviolet light and more. Many animals can sense things that a human cannot. Just because someone cannot see or hear something; that does not mean it doesn't exist, as with ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of energy.

When one opens ones mind, it can take time for one to adjust. I have had a lifetime of being psychic. Even though I was an atheist, I always had another sense, though I tuned out the spirit world. In coming to Satan, the so-called "supernatural" manifested drastically in my life. What is a typical day to many of us would overwhelm the average person.

Hearing voices and seeing things that most other people cannot are the most common manifestations of opening up one's mind. This will eventually come under control.

With performing power meditations for given any length of time [they should be done daily], one will experience the opening of one's mind and soul.

Science has not progressed far enough to explain the fourth dimension. Christianity has attacked science vehemently, as there is a point where the spiritual and the scientific both meet. One will always lead to the other if allowed to advance unhindered. When we interact on the astral, our Demons are also focused there when they come to us. I was confused about the fourth dimension. Azazel came to me and I asked him about this and he told me, even though he is physically elsewhere, his consciousness is beside me.

There is a barrier or a 'gauntlet' that shields the worlds from one another. Deceased souls who are still on the astral can hear and see us in the living world, but those who are not open cannot hear or see them. Consistent meditation breaks down that barrier.

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